See any of these signs? Better not ignore them!



See any of these signs? Better not ignore them!

We so often hear families say, “if only we knew what to look for”, if you notice warning signs or changes in your dog, it may indicate something more serious is going on. Mittens and Max had a piece indicating 5 warning signs that we thought was worth a share.

  1. Heavy Panting: we all know what heavy panting looks like, often this will stop once your dog has cooled down a little bit, but if your dog is experiencing deeper laboured breathing that lasts longer than normal, this could be an indication of our dog or cat being in pain or that they are suffering from heatstroke. This could however also be a sign that something more serious is going on, like poisoning, heart failure, Cushing’s disease, pneumonia or even lung tumours.
  2. Drooling: Now, with the bulldog breed, drool is something we are all pretty used to. But if you know your dog you will soon see if excessive drooling is taking place. This may be another indication of heatstroke, but it can also indicate dental issues like a tooth abscess. It could also be an indication that your dog has chewed something poisonous, or something that irritates or burns the mouth, neurologic problems can also cause your dog to drool excessively. If this continues, please see a vet.
  3. Increase in water consumption: When a dog drinks excessive amounts of water, it may indicate that they ae in kidney failure, or it could be a sign of diabetes, Cushing’s disease, or even pyometra in an unspayed female, more uncommonly it could also be a sign of Psychogenic polydipsia. This is definitely something noteworthy to your vet.
  4. Behavioural changes: this is something you can quickly notice if you really know your dog well. This can be linked to pain, thyroid dysfunction in dogs, hyperthyroidism in cats, and other medical conditions like pancreatitis, cancer, arthritis, parasites, skin allergies, heart disease or pain from injury.
  5. Odor changes: Every Bulldog owner out there will agree that the one thing Bulldogs are truly known for, is their ability to stink you out of your own bed. While you may be used to your dog producing malodorous gas regularly, a change in the intensity of the smell can indicate gastrointestinal disease.

Ultimately it is of utmost importance to have the kind of relationship with your pet to be able to notice these signs early, in fact the earlier the better.

Note them to your vet, even if you think it may insignificant.
You never know, it could make the world of difference in diagnosing your pet.

Source: English & French Bulldog Rescue