Microchip reunites pet and owner


Edenvale SPCA inspector Jade Nel and SPCA staff member Chelsea Meyer at the entrance to Edenvale SPCA.

A Dowerglen resident and her dog were reunited by Edenvale SPCA with the assistance of a microchip.

The dog, Karma, was brought to the SPCA by a man who found it wandering near Centenary Road on August 13.

“When the labrador was first brought to us, we estimated it to be about four years old because it was in a good condition,” said Edenvale SPCA inspector, Jade Nel.

“After further assessment and scanning for a microchip, we learnt that the dog was in fact 12 years old.

“When the NEWS spoke to Nel, she said the staff were amazed at the dog’s age because of how good it looked.”

Manager of the SPCA Marita Acar said the area near Centenary Road appears to be a dumping ground for dogs.

“In our opinion, it is a quiet spot, out of the way and a lot of the animals we find there are never claimed,” said Marita.

After scanning the microchip, the SPCA staff were able to obtain the contact information of the pet’s original owner.

Armed with this information, they set the wheels in motion to reunite the dog with its owner.


Edenvale SPCA staff member Chelsea Meyer scanning one of the office cats at Edenvale SPCA with a microchip scanner.

Nel said on August 23, Karma was reunited with her owner at the SPCA.

“Since the reunion, everything is going well.”

She said the dog owner and the man who found it, made donations to the SPCA.

Nel said a microchip for pets is roughly the size of a grain of rice and is inserted between the animal’s shoulder blades with an injection.

“If a pet is too stressed for the procedure, it is microchipped when it is under anaesthesia for its sterilisation.”

Nel said all animals adopted from the Edenvale SPCA are microchipped.

When the microchipping process is done, contact information, home address and information about the dog is supplied by the owner of the pet.

“Some companies such as Identipet allow you to upload photographs of your animal and send an alert on application if your pet goes missing.”

Nel said it is important to microchip pets as it allows pets and owners to be reunited quicker.

Community members can have their pets microchipped at Edenvale SPCA for R200.

Nel said microchipping can only be done at Edenvale SPCA by appointment.

Contact Edenvale SPCA on 011 974 9268 or email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Source: Bedford and Edenvale News


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