How to have a howlin’ good holiday with your tail-waggers

It’s hard to believe that the April holidays are upon us! Whether it’s sea and sun, mountains, hiking, fishing or just relaxing, we live in a country where we can get to so many holiday destinations in the car. The best part – many of these places are pet friendly too!

When you’re taking your pet with you on a road trip there is a whole new checklist to consider. From getting your pet prepped for the ride, to choosing the perfect accommodation, the adventure can really get the fur flying, but it doesn’t have to be stressful if you simply plan ahead.

Melissa-Rae Lourens, Founder of Kreature Comforts, shares her top 4 tips to consider when you and your fur bestie are about to hit the road, and then some advice for when you’re at your destination.

  • Sort out your equipment

Going on holiday is pretty similar to going away with a baby or toddler, anything they’re not used to can seriously upset the apple cart – and your dreams of chilled afternoons. You can avoid stressful situations if you sort out the details beforehand. This includes what they’re actually going to travel in, to where your dog is going to sleep in the car, to food and containers, to toys. While in transit, make sure that they safe and sound in their own area of security to ensure that you can drive safely. You should also pack  all their leashes, collars, treats and toys for any stops along the way. It’s a lot, but thinking things through and planning ahead will ensure that it’s a happy road trip.

  • Get them road ready

Some dogs don’t spend much time in the car, so if you’re planning on some real journey time it’s a good idea to get the used to the car before you go. Start with a few short trip and gradually increase the length as you get closer to your vacay day.

  • Pack a pup-friendly supply kit

Just like any good road trip, the one you take with your dog must include supplies. Treats are a must-have for the top of the list so that you can reward them when they behave and help them calm down if they get a bit excited. Also pack poop bags because pit stop time can’t always be planned. Pets can also easily get dehydrated when travelling, so make sure to pack extra water.

  • Make sure they’ve had their shots

You’re headed on an adventure which is great, but you’re also taking your dog out of his primary environment. You never know what you may encounter on the way or once you’re there. If it’s pet-friendly accommodation your pet will be spending time with other pets so make sure their vaccinations are up to date to avoid them getting sick.

You’ve survived the trip! Now what?

The most important thing to do before taking your pet on holiday is to check if your accommodation is pet friendly. Choosing a hotel that will truly welcomes both you and your pet is essential to your comfort and relaxation during your stay. Make sure they know what kind of dog you have, as well as the size because a Chihuahua and a St Bernard need very different sized areas. You need to make sure that non-human family members are welcome, catered for and just as comfy as you are. Amenities for your pet are also important when you take a trip because they’ll want to sniff around and get to know their new surroundings. Make sure to check if there is a dog park, pet friendly beach or pet friendly restaurants nearby because even if the hotel is happy to have your fur friends visit, it doesn’t help if there is nothing in the area to do with them. After all, they’re part of the family too.

Once you’re there, the last thing you want is a lost pet in an unfamiliar setting. Get their microchip sorted, get them an awesome collar with a big identity tag and make sure your contact details are all over everything. Make it as easy as possible for a good Samaritan to return them to you in case they do a runner at one of the stops along the way.

One of the best things about going on holidays for humans is the snazzy setting you’ll be staying in during your time away, but your doggo just doesn’t understand that any place aside from home can be safe. Pack in as many of their favourite things as possible so that you can set up a home away from home that keeps them settled and chilled.

Family holidays give us some of our fondest memories, and when the fur kids go along it can be even more magical. Plan ahead, get organised and remember to treat your dog and it’s needs just with just as much patience, love and understanding as you would any other family member and you’ll definitely have an unforgettable paw-some experience!

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Source: Kreature Comforts


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