The elderly can now foster dogs in need without the costs of owning a dog

The elderly

Silver-faced dogs and silver-haired humans have been given a chance to share love and companionship thanks to a new initiative set up to help the elderly.

Cape Town, South Africa – Being a pensioner can be hard, as inflation rises the money that was once enough to survive, has quickly become smaller and smaller, making it hard to spend on things that don’t ensure basic survival.

Being a senior dog up for adoption is equally as challenging. Many people won’t adopt an older dog due to health issues and the shorter period left before passing.

The Cape Dachshund Rescue group saw a gap in the market that would help them free up space within their shelters and offer love and companionship to the elderly dogs and retired humans. They have come up with a concept that will allow pensioners to have the joy of caring for a dog without the high cost of vet bills.

In return, senior dogs get a chance to retire comfortably

They are calling the initiative the “Frosty Face Fostering Programme”. There are a few rules that applicants would need to follow which can be seen below.

  1. The applicant would have to be 60 or older.
  2. The dog in question would have to be 10 or older.
  3. It would be an “open-ended” fostering, whereby the home would keep the dog until either the dog passed the Rainbow Bridge or the circumstances of the applicant changed – i.e. assisted living, or they themselves cross the Rainbow Bridge.
  4. Cape Dachshund Rescue will be liable for any vet expenses incurred bearing in mind that major surgery at this age is inadvisable.
  5. The applicant would be responsible for the day to day living expenses, i.e. food, water.
  6. There would be no adoption fee applicable
  7. Should the applicant’s circumstances change to the point that they are no longer able to care for the dog, the dog would be returned to Cape Dachshund Rescue or should a family member opt to adopt the dog, the relevant home check of the family member will apply.
  8. Applicants would need to reside near the cities and towns of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Garden Route

For anyone interested in getting involved with the programme, whether it be for adoption or for helping cover the senior dog’s vet bills, you can email the Cape Dachshund Rescue group here: [email protected] for more information.

Source: Good Things Guy


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