5 Tips to make sure bath time is a tail-wagging experience – for you and your dog

Giving your fur friend a regular bath is an essential part of keeping them happy and healthy. Bathing keeps their coats clean and also keeps them free from pesky parasites. But for dogs, its can sometimes be a stressful experience so it’s good to get yourself prepared before you even turn on the tap. Melissa-Rae Lourens, Founder of Kreature Comforts, shares her 5 top tips for a fun, safe and stress-free bath time experience for you and your dog.

  • Ensure you have pet friendly shampoo

First things first – what do you use to wash them? And no, Sunlight is not the right answer…

When it comes to washing your furry best friend, it’s important to use a product that is both safe and effective. Many pet owners wonder if they can use a dishwashing detergent like Sunlight to wash their dogs. While Sunlight is often used to clean up major events, such as oil spills on wildlife, it’s not recommended for regular use on pets. Here’s why:

    • These detergents are formulated for use on dishes and not for use on pets. It’s designed to cut through grease and grime, which can be harmful to your dog’s skin and coat. Dishwashing detergents can strip away the natural oils that keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. This can lead to dry, itchy skin and a dull coat.
    • Dishwashing detergents can be irritating to your dog’s skin. The chemicals in these detergents can cause skin irritation, redness, and even chemical burns. Dogs have much more sensitive skin than humans, so even a small amount of dishwashing detergent can be harmful to them.
    • Dishwashing detergents are not formulated to deal with the specific needs of a dog’s coat. Dogs have a different pH balance than humans, which means that their skin and coat require different care. Using a product that is not specifically formulated for dogs can throw off the pH balance of their skin and lead to irritation, dryness, and other issues.

So what should you use instead? There are many pet shampoos on the market that are safe and effective for use on your pup. These shampoos are formulated to meet the specific needs of your dog’s skin and coat, and they come in a variety of formulas to address different issues such as dry skin, fleas, and allergies.

When choosing a dog shampoo, it’s important to read the label and choose a product that is appropriate for your dog’s specific needs. If your dog has sensitive skin or allergies, look for a gentle shampoo, The Sensitive One from Pride + Groom is free of harsh chemicals and rich in soothing essential oils like Quinoa and Lavender.  If your dog has dry skin, look for a shampoo that contains moisturizing ingredients like Coconut oil and Flaxseed oil which can help dry skin, dandruff and even lessen shedding after a bath.

  • Make them comfortable

When washing your dog, it’s important to follow a few basic guidelines to keep them safe and comfortable. First, never use hot water to wash your dog, as this can burn their skin. Use lukewarm water instead, and make sure to wet your dog thoroughly before applying shampoo. Lay down a towel or non-slip mat, to help your dog feel like they are on solid ground. Have their favourite treat close by to reward them for being such a good sport after you’re done.  If your using a tub you might find it helpful to sit with your feet in the tub, this will help you determine if the temperature is suitable and will also give your pup a great sense of security as you don’t feel so far removed.

  • Make the experience a bonding moment

Talk to them in a soothing tone of voice while you’re bathing them, the sound of your voice reassures them and helps them to feel secure. Dogs pick up many cues about their environment and possible threats from their caregivers. Having a smile and a little conversation with your pup while giving them a bath will work wonders to reduce any anxiety they have about water. You can also try using a massaging wet brush to help you get a deep clean and give your pup a soothing massage brush. Look out for products that are easy to handle, for example, the cone nozzle on our Pride + Groom bottles is designed to allow the user to work with one hand, keeping the other free to keep on your dog while you apply your shampoo, this is not only great for keeping them calm but also for gently guiding them away from any possible escape routes they plan on taking.

  • Remember you’re probably going to get drenched

Dress for the occasion. It’s also important try and avoid scolding your dog while giving them a bath as much as you can, the more positive reinforcement they receive while being bathed the more it will lessen their anxiety.

  • Routine is key

As with most things, practice makes perfect, the more often you bath your dog, the more they will know what to expect and that there’s nothing to be scared of.

Whether it’s romping in the mud, or rolling in the smelliest item they can find, dogs always seem to find a way to get smelly and dirty. Follow these basic guidelines for washing your dog, and your pet will be clean, healthy, and ready for snuggles!

Source: kreature Comforts



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