The South African Veterinary Association Community Veterinary Clinics (SAVA-CVC)

SAVA-CVC is an initiative where private veterinarians donate their time and skills to render primary veterinary services in disadvantaged communities.

Contact Person: Claudia Cloete
Contact number: (012) 346 1150
Email: [email protected]


Charity profile

Private veterinarians established the 1st SAVA Community Veterinary Clinic in July 1998 in Port Elizabeth, in an attempt to provide the disadvantaged (the poor or those who do not have access to veterinary services) with subsidised veterinary services. In April 2002 the SAVA took over the co-ordination of the project and the initiative was launched nation-wide, involving all SAVA members.

Veterinarians donate their professional time and utelise their existing infrastructure and facilities to bring veterinary services to the disadvantaged.

To provide primary health care to animals from disadvantaged communities, thus promoting the health and welfare of animals and people.

To expand and have CVCs operating in all major centres as well as smaller centres where veterinarians and the community have identified a need.


  • To provide access to the essential services of vaccination, parasite control and sterilisation
  • Teaching responsible pet ownership: educating pet owners about the basic care of their pets: prevention of dog bites, nutrition, training, vaccination, sterilisation, ect.
  • To reduce the risk of zoonotic diseases (these are diseases that can be transmitted to humans such as worms, mange, rabies, etc.) this means an improved quality of life for both humans and animals alike. Healthy animals ensure healthy environments.
  • Humane education: humane education of children creates empathy for others, through fostering of respect for life, creating a culture of caring and empathy for all beings. In the long term, this will lead to less violence in communities and thus create safer communities.
  • To create awareness of career opportunities in the veterinary field to disadvantaged communities.

Currently, CVC’s are expanding, servicing more clients every month. The need is vast and every informal settlement and township in the country is in dire need of assistance.

Although basic overheads are covered by the sacrificed income from private veterinarians, costs are incurred to establish basic facilities within the communities as well as the maintenance of these facilities. Traveling expenses and the procurement of medications and consumables depend on the financial contribution of the public and corporate world. These contributions and support can assist the veterinarians of South Africa to make this community development programme an unequaled success and an instrument of social transformation in South-Africa.

Public Benefit Organisation Number: 130001321
NPO Number: 000-234


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