Saldanha Animal Care

Shelter Dogs Rock

Contact: Zanette Kellerman
Cell: 082 921 0233
E-mail: /
Address: Saldanha Animal Care Kennel, Kamp Street, Bluewaterbay, Saldanha


NPO number: 115971


Charity profile

Saldanha Animal Care is a rescue group based in the Saldanha area and made up of volunteers that are committed to helping with the problem of unwanted/homeless cats and dogs due to lack of care and uneducated pet owners when it comes to sterilization.

Our aim is to educate township pet owners to better care for their pets.

We are constantly fund raising to assist with the medical needs of the animals, particularly with regard to mass sterilizations, feeding programs and providing shelter to hundreds of animals.

Our closest vet is 15kms one-way and we often have to transport ill or injured pets.

Our Shelter is at full capacity most of the time, and we are lovingly trying our best to provide our shelter dogs with optimum care and strive to find them their perfect forever homes.


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