Raise ‘n Rescue

Raise ‘n Rescue is a Cape Town based organisation that re homes, rescues and does outreach work, as well as educating people about animal care in the community.

Contact: Madeli Endrich (Managing Director)
Cell: 072 836 9606
E-mail: info@raisenrescue.org.za
Address: Not a physical shelter
Website: www.raisenrescue.org.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/raisenrescue

NPC Number: (2013/212578/08)


Charity profile

Raise ‘n Rescue is a FOSTER HOME based organisation and do not have a physical shelter, so all our rescues are housed in private homes. We all work during office hours so we can only attend to calls and rescues after hours.

We help re-home those rescued and raised by the many who care enough to sacrifice their time and efforts to help the needy animals. Our fundraising initiatives as well as foster sponsorships assist us to give animals in need the best possible start at a new life.

We cannot save them all, but the ones we do save, stay our responsibility until they find a good home. This is our choice and our commitment to them. Help us share and care to raise and rescue.


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