Furry Friends

We FIGHT to STOP the over-population, cruelty, neglect, abuse & torture our animals face, with Mass Sterilization and Rescue & Rehabilitation efforts.

     Owner - Marinda Pretorius - 082 413 2011 - actingangels@mweb.co.za
     Manager /Adoptions - Hanneke Pretorius - 021 981 7887 - admin@actingangels.co.za
     Admin / Fundraising - Amanda Deacon - 021 981 7887 - info@actingangels.co.za
Tel: (021) 981 7887
Cell: 082 413 2011
Email: actingangels@mweb.co.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Furry-Friends

NPO Number: 082-055
PBO Number: 930048482
Section 21 Number: 2010/010548/08


Charity profile

Furry Friends is the voice for the voiceless. We work in some of the most destitute and poverty stricken areas, where poor people and children as well as their neglected and abused animals are trying to survive. Our focus is on the animals exposed to abuse, cruelty and neglect.

We do this through our 4 fundamental animal advancement steps:

1) Mass Sterilization Initiatives.
2) Rescue, Rehabilitate & Re-homing Projects.
3) Social Upliftment, Education & Advancement Programs.
4) Feeding Schemes & Social Responsibility Programs.

With our initiatives, we are working against irresponsible breeding and encouraging people to adopt rather than buy pets. We are working with YOU (our supporters) and other rescue groups where homeless, unwanted, battered or bruised animals are no longer killed in shelters and where every healthy animal is guaranteed a good, loving and caring home or owner.


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