CO-SANC is a compassionate, no-kill cat shelter, not a new charity, but is a new animal shelter and adoption centre relieving existing charities like Friends of the Cat, Friends of Rescued Animals, Sterischeme, Four Paws, ARRF, Angels rescue, Paw Power, Paws-R-Us, Pawsome and various organizations working with ferals, or excess animals.

Contact: Shelagh
 082 892 1269 



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We keep mostly cats as they are easiest to house properly although we have homed some dogs and other animals already. We do not take animals directly from the public, all our residents are rescue cases that animal charities have taken to our associated veterinary clinic – Bluebush Animal Clinic. We face the huge challenge therefore, of turning the saddest, sickest and most severely injured rescue cases into lovable healthy adoptable pets.

NPO number: 052-145- NPO


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