Cluny Animal Trust

Cluny Animal Trust is a non-profit veterinary welfare organisation.

Contact: Imogen Tarita
 (058) 223 0918

Email: [email protected]


Charity profile

The Cluny Animal Trust is a non-profit veterinary welfare organisation established in February 2011 to serve the needs of animals owned by impoverished residents of the eastern Free State.

The trust stems from Dr. Katherine Barker’s sterilisation program which was established in 2004 and is currently run from her small private veterinary clinic in Fouriesburg and her satellite practice in Clarens.

The sad reality is that there is a growing number of animals who receive little or no veterinary care and/or are victims of neglect, abuse, poor living conditions, lack of socialisation, dog-fighting or other forms of animal cruelty.  The poor economic climate in the eastern Free State remains a barrier and significantly affects the ability of many pet owners to properly care for their animals.

The Cluny Animal Trust aims to:

    End the needless suffering of animals by providing veterinary treatment 
Educate owners in proper animal care, feeding and preventive treatment
  –  Run an independent, small animal hospital and a mobile clinic
    Sterilise animals to prevent unwanted litters

The Cluny Animal Trust is a small force with an enormous task.  Our amazing and dedicated team all have an unwavering passion for animal welfare but veterinary care even at a basic primary level is expensive.  With no Government funding received and the South African National Lottery banning all animal welfare organisations as beneficiaries in early 2018, the reality is that we rely on donors…like you…to help us make a difference!   

Your donation, however big or small will really go a long way and help us to provide much needed veterinary care and the truth is, what we do just isn’t possible without your help!

Year of establishment: February 2011
Public Benefit Organisation Number: PBO 930039295
Areas of operation: Eastern Free State


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