Chihuahua Adoptions SA

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused and retired breeder chihuahua's.

Contact Person: Lynda Kotze
Cell number: 082 886-1151
Primary Email: [email protected]
Secondary Email:  c[email protected]


Charity profile

We rehome breeder Chihuahua’s that have entered retirement.

Our Chihuahua’s have lived in cages or pens, and have not been part of a family or been a pet prior to rehoming, our Chihuahua’s will need some form of integration to learn to become part of a family environment, and therefore we only consider loving patient knowledgeable families that is willing to commit to their on going integration.

We do not have a shelter, all our dogs are fostered at loving homes where they can receive love and attention to aid in rehabilitation. All Chihuahua’s will be sterilised before rehoming.

NPO number: 188-661



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