Cat Trapping and Sterilisation Network

The sterilisation of feral and stray cats. Cats are returned to their colonies or the environment in which they have been trapped or picked up. Feral kittens are trapped, sterilised and returned, tame kittens are removed, bathed, dewormed and homed.

Contact: June Bradbury
(021) 671 5638
 082 654 2523

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Cat Trapping and Sterilisation Network (CTSN) was formed for the aim of trapping, sterilizing and re-releasing of feral and stray cats as an alternative method of controlling the population explosion of feral cats in the greater Cape Town area.

CTSN was founded in response to a need for help in caring for and controlling the populations of the numerous feral cat colonies in the area using sterilization, which is more effective and more humane than euthanasia.

Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930023693
Section 21 number: 2006/009248/08


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