Charity profile

Janine Botha has been helping horses in need in Mthatha, Transkei, South Africa for 17 years.

Janine’s Mission is:

  • To continuously educate locals in horse care.
  • To provide assistance with dipping, de-worming and medical care for the horses.
  • To provide, correctly fitting bridles and saddles for their horses.
  • To give the working horses a better and more comfortable chance in life.

How we help:

A record of each animal is kept so it’s progress can be monitored by Barn Yard Stables.
Janine is well known in her area, and often horse riders come from afar to bring their horses, donkeys and dogs to be seen by her.
Often they are so ill or injured that they are brought it shopping trolleys or wheel barrows.

Recording system – We keep track of EVERY fur angel
Tack Donations – How your old tack gets reused
Treating injuries – We help no matter how big the problem
Treating Other Issues – Ticks / Fleas / Skin Problems
Other Animals We Help – Donkeys, Dogs, Cats, Goats…
Educating the Community – Through education we can create change


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