Animal Lifeline

Animal Lifeline aims to prevent suffering and offer dignity

Contact person:
Carynne Hooper
084 427 5687

Email: [email protected]

Address: Not a physical shelter

NPO number: # 2019/167142/08
PBO number: # 930 066 819


Charity profile

Animal Lifeline is a registered outreach organisation operating exclusively in under-resourced communities – primarily in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. The organisation is run and operated  by a handful of passionate volunteers.  We believe all animals have the right to feels safe and free of suffering and pain. 

Animal Lifeline applies an 80-20 principle operationally, with eighty percent of our efforts and funds allocated to primary prevention (sterilisation) and secondary intervention (vaccination, parasite control and community education) to ensure long-term impact and sustainability for at-risk animals.  The balance of our capacity is allocated to tertiary efforts and crisis intervention.



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