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Fireworks – How to keep your pets safe

Many domestic animals are frightened by loud noises, particularly the loud bangs and piercing sounds produced by fireworks. To avoid distress you should take appropriate measures to ensure the well being of your pets. If you are unsure as to how your pets will be affected, note that animals that are sensitive to thunderstorms are likely to react similarly to the noise of fireworks. If you are at all unsure of your pet’s reaction it is best to take precautionary measures.     Fireworks are a cause of panic for many pets and we hope that these tips will help […]

10 Tips For Current and Future Puppy Owners

General Dog Training Tips 1. Choose Wisely When Selecting Your Future Pup Whether selecting your prospective pup from a professional breeder or from a family breeding a litter for the very first time, the criteria are the same. Look for puppies raised indoors around human companionship and influence—specifically around people who have devoted lots of time to the puppies’ education.   2. Future Problems Result from Early, Non-Corrected Problems Digging, barking, and escaping are usually secondary problems of unhousetrained adolescent dogs which have been relegated to a life of solitary confinement and boredom in the yard. Housetrain your dog, and […]