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Why our pets may be feeling the cold more than we think

While the cold weather may bring many positives such as TV series marathons in bed and an excuse to have just one more mug of hot chocolate, what it can also unfortunately bring with it is a lot of discomfort to our fur babies. Winter can exacerbate existing ailments our pets may have such as arthritis and, while we may be able to verbalise our pain, unfortunately our pets can’t. When it comes to cats it’s especially difficult for pet parents to acknowledge their pain as they’re absolute masters of disguise – a survival instinct. “Caused by the wear and […]

Help your kids take the lead with pet duties during lockdown

How quickly our lives can change. What used to be very busy days, with you only walking through the front door early evening has now changed to you being at home 24/7. While being in lockdown is by no means ideal, this is in fact the perfect time to give your children more responsibilities when it comes to looking after your family pet. “Looking after a pet is a great responsibility and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your kids will still need to be guided by you as to how to look after them appropriately,” explains Carla Bath Hill’s […]

Montego’s Bags O’ Wags treats range expands with new look and exciting flavours

Montego’s range of trendy and tantalising treats for deserving dogs just got a whole lot bigger, with exciting new variants and flavours all wrapped up in a new look to match the goodness inside – and it’s a pretty big woof! Bags O’ Wags fans will still be able to recognise their favourite treat packs by the logo and overall look, but will surely be excited by the quirky new 2D illustrations, the variety of fun and adorable characters made for each pack, and vibrant bursts of colours designed to make pet food shelves pop. The fresh new design includes […]

Can Dogs Get Coronavirus (COVID-19)? What We Know So Far…

Our furbabies are part of our family, and we worry about them. We wonder if we’re feeding them the right food and giving them enough attention. We’re anxious if we think they’re in pain, and we hope they have a good life. I get it. I feel concern whenever my older pooch seems the least bit out of sorts. In the midst of all the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, what about our pups? Can dogs get Coronavirus? In this article: Can Dogs Get Coronavirus (COVID-19)? What Does This Mean? Can We Pass Coronavirus to Our Dogs? What About Cats…Can […]

Montego makes impressive strides in carbon footprint reduction

Johannesburg, 22 July 2020 – Montego Pet Nutrition (Montego) has reported a 300-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions in 2020 to date after utilising solar energy as a renewable energy source at its Graaff-Reinet based production facility. According to Wilfred Cawood, Marketing Manager at Montego Pet Nutrition, this reduction is equivalent of planting approximately 9,000 trees to offset carbon emissions. “As part of our mission of being South Africa’s best pet food manufacturer, Montego is committed to becoming a low-carbon company and sustaining the environment,” says Cawood. “We take our responsibility of establishing renewable energy sources in our business seriously, particularly […]

Your 1-year-old dog isn’t 7 human years old, contrary to the traditional math.

Dogs live an average of 12 years. Life expectancy in humans, by contrast, is at least five times that. That discrepancy is in part the basis for the common rule of thumb that one “dog year” is the equivalent of seven “human years.” But according to a new study published in the journal Cell, that one-to-seven ratio is wrong. That’s because new genetic evidence shows puppies and younger dogs age faster than their older counterparts do. That means you’ve probably been estimating your dog’s human age equivalent incorrectly. A 6-year-old dog would be the human equivalent of about 60 years old, the researchers […]

Response to the Red Meat Producers Organisation Regarding Live Export by Sea

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) is amazed by the statement made by the Red Meat Producers Organisation (RPO) regarding their sudden change in position when it comes to live animal export by sea. In a statement issued on 21 July 2020 by the RPO, it has extended its support of the trade as long as it is ethically undertaken – ethics and live export go together like chalk and cheese. Live animal export by sea is a trade that is inherently unethical given the undeniable and unavoidable animal suffering that takes place on board these ships. The RPO have […]

How South Africa illegally sells thousands of animals per year to China revealed

How South Africa illegally sells thousands of animals per year to China revealed The animals, such as monkeys, cheetahs, rhinos and meerkats, are poached from their wild habitats under legal export claims, the investigation found. The researchers added that the animals are then used in circuses, theme parks, laboratories and zoos. The report says at least 5,035 live wild animals were exported to China from 2016 to last year in “an extremely conservative” estimation. This figure includes chimpanzees and “a bewildering number” of giraffes, which “are also eaten in China”. Some traders have connections to international organised crime associations and the […]

Surfers and kayakers’ close encounter with Great White Shark

Drone footage of a Great White Shark swimming close to surfers in Plettenberg Bay has sounded the alarm once again for bathers and beach-goers to take extra precaution in the water. On Sunday, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) issued a warning of Great White Shark activity along the southern Cape coastline. On Tuesday [June 23], footage of a great white swimming up to a group of six surfers and kayakers in the water created a buzz on social media. After a few tense seconds, they paddled away from the shark and luckily for them, the predator swam away rather than towards […]

Pet abandonment skyrockets amid lockdown Level 3

The Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha has recorded a sharp increase in dog abandonments since the implementation of lockdown level 3. The clinic say this is an unusual increase. “During lockdown we barely had any pet handovers. We found this quite strange. Due to the economic state and people losing their jobs, we were expecting increased handovers during this time. We believed the decrease in handovers was due to people being at home more and having time to bond with their pets,” says Marcelle du Plessis, Fundraising and Communications Manager. “However, as soon as lockdown level 3 came into effect, the […]