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The Cape’s most venomous snakes, and what to do when you see one

  The Western Cape is no stranger to scaly creatures. Some of the most venomous snakes in the world reside here, and since most Capetonians love the Mountain and the outdoors, it would be wise to learn about them. We spoke to reptile and amphibian expert and photographer Tyrone Ping about the snakes of the Cape, and what to do should you encounter one. When are snakes most likely to be out and about?  Typically, the peak in snake activity coincides with the warmer temperatures towards the end of spring and well into summer which is well known as “snake […]

This company was voted the best pet insurance brand in SA

Each year, The Star holds their annual Reader’s Choice Awards – a competition that empowers South African consumers to vote for their favourite brands and service providers based on their levels of customer care. In 2020, dotsure.co.za was voted South Africa’s Best Pet Insurance Company. What makes this competition so special is that it isn’t about brands’ budgets, marketing efforts, or ability to impress industry insiders; it’s solely focused on the experiences of everyday South Africans. “This award isn’t just about taking home the number one spot,” says dotsure.co.za Chief Operating Officer, David Roache, “It stands as a testament to […]

Parvovirus cases continue to rise in Cape Town

Positive Parvo cases have been climbing rapidly at the TEARS Animal Rescue in Sunnydale, Cape Town. More and more positive cases give enough evidence to state that it is now an outbreak situation. The Parvovirus is highly contagious and can last for months or even years in the environment. To help keep your pooch up and going, regular vaccinations are a must to manage these diseases. “Covid restrictions have played a large part in restricting TEARS from reaching the communities we support in order to deliver vaccinations to pets in the area. Pet owners are financially constrained, out of work, […]

Bike ride helps support TEARS animal rescue shelter

The Newlands branch of an international club, the Deep South Lions, is patting itself on the back after a successful turnout for its annual charity bike ride in support of the The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS) animal rescue shelter. The organisation, which stretches from the Western Cape to Namibia, hosted a charity bike ride on Sunday morning to source essential items for animals currently housed at TEARS, in Masiphumelele. Deep South Lions Club president Rory Stier said although the charity bike ride was part of the club’s annual community engagements, it was important, “almost vital”, to support those in […]

Here’s how many pets you may have without breaking the law

Lockdown has shifted many buyers’ preferences, with many seeking more space and moving to homes further removed from city centres in scenic parts of the country. For many, this means the opportunity to own pets has finally arrived. Before homeowners go ahead and purchase pets, there are certain laws of which they ought to be aware. According to the Animal Protection Act of 1962, anyone who does not prescribe to the regulations set out by the Act and its by-laws may receive a penalty of up to a fine of R4 000, and could even face imprisonment for a period […]

Doggy diets: Working from home means pets are being fed more

For Brad Mitchell, being at home during the country’s coronavirus lockdown meant he noticed his cat’s food bowl was empty. As a result, Chrissy was fed more. Mitchell said Chrissy used to be fed twice daily when her owners were working from  offices. “I think we’re more aware of when she’s hungry or when her bowl is empty because we are at home. During the lockdown, it was easier to notice when she didn’t have food so she was fed more,” he said. Chrissy’s story is not unique. A recent survey by Hill’s Pet Nutrition found that Covid-19 had a […]

Dog starves due to Covid-19

Yoliswa Makalima, a resident from the Khayelitsha community, visited the Mdzananda Animal Clinic to hand her dog over. Her dog, a small Staffordshire bullterrier cross named Nonjana, was extremely skinny, spine and bones protruding. Yoliswa was handing her over because she had no money to feed her dog and wanted Nonjana to have a better life. “She is such a sweet girl,” said Ms Makalima. “I really don’t want to let her go.” Yoliswa lost her job due to Covid-19 restrictions and her income is down to zero. She is the only income earner in her household. She worked as […]

Call for vets to be included in Phase 2 of Covid-19 vaccine roll-out

Cape Town – South Africa’s vets want to be included in the government’s national vaccine rollout plan citing professional safety concerns. The South African Veterinarian Association (Sava), together with the Black Veterinary Forum (BVI), issued a request to the Departments of Health, and Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development for animal health and welfare workers to be added to the phased roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine, citing professional safety concerns. Dr Leon de Bruyn, chief executive of the association, said the sector had not been considered. “It’s been problematic,” he explained. “We’ve had two colleagues pass on a week ago. […]

RSPCA issues warning after animals found entangled in disposable face mask straps

The RSPCA is urging people to “snip the straps” on disposable face masks after an ibis was found entangled in Brisbane. With masks mandatory in Greater Brisbane until 12:01am Friday, more people have been using and disposing of personal protective equipment (PPE) face masks. The RSPCA said throwing the masks away is not enough and they are asking people to cut the elastic straps that hold the masks in place. Senior rescue unit officer Jo Jordaan said she responded to a report over the weekend, but she was unable to locate the bird. “I was called out to an ibis […]

Okavango Delta under threat from oil, gas exploration

Q7 Beckett has travelled through South Africa on foot before, but for the indigenous San youth leader, his latest 1 500km protest walk is his most important: saving the Okavango Delta, Africa’s last intact wetland wilderness, from major oil and gas development. On 1 February, Beckett, joined by a group of San indigenous leaders and supporters, left Knysna for the Namibian consulate in Cape Town.  On Monday, they will hand over a petition from the San First People of southern Africa objecting to ReconAfrica, a Canadian oil and gas firm, to which Namibia and Botswana have given the green light […]