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Shocking footage shows dead lion lying in a filthy pond in front of horrified visitors at a Chinese zoo as officials insist it ‘died of old age’

Viral footage of a dead lion lying in a filthy pond in front of horrified visitors at a Chinese zoo has sparked a public outcry. The incident came to light after a tourist filmed the heart-breaking scene on Thursday at the Handan Foshan Wildlife Zoo in northern China‘s Hebei Province. The park initially denied the animal had been dead, claiming that it ‘was resting in the water’. They told reporters today that the lion had ‘died naturally of old age’, citing autopsy results. The shocking video was uploaded online yesterday by a zoo visitor who had captured the scene at the […]

Dogwalkers urged to be cautious following an increase of baboon troops in Cecilia Forest

Parkscape is urging all dog owners who frequently visit Cecilia Forest to be on high alert following an increase in the number of baboon troops seen in the area. According to Parkscape, baboon troops from Constantia have crossed Constantia Nek and are now more regularly sighted in Cecilia Forest. The troop has also been seen roaming around Overseers Cottage as well. Dog owners are urged to keep a close eye on their pets and ensure they don’t attempt to chase or attack any members of the baboon troop, as it could lead to either the dog or baboon suffering serious injuries. A […]

SPCA’s orthopaedic bone-plating kit helping furry friends with broken bones

By Mthuthuzeli Ntseku Christmas has come early for hundreds of animals in need of life- or limb-saving surgeries as the Cape of Good Hope SPCA welcomed a custom-manufactured orthopaedic bone-plating kit for such surgeries. In August, animal lovers from Cape Town and beyond participated in a remote mass doggie walkathon to help the SPCA raise funds for a bone-plating kit, and brought in R211  492. The event, called Pawfeet Love, saw participants and their furry friends take to the streets, the parks, the forests and the beaches to walk in honour of the victims of animal cruelty and neglect whose broken […]

‘Abnormal spike in deaths’ as fin whales wash up on French shores

Marine biologists are investigating the deaths of at least six whales found washed up on France’s western shores with no apparent sign of having been hit by a ship or caught in a trawler’s net. Researchers on Monday used a mechanical digger and long knives to dissect a fin whale, the second largest species of whale after the blue whale, taking samples they believe might reveal evidence of a viral pathogen. In an average year, between three and, at most, 10 whales are deposited dead on France‘s beaches, they say. “We have what is almost an epidemic or, at any rate, an abnormal spike in deaths,” said Willy Dabin, […]

New Launch | Treat your dogs to Montego’s new Karoo Tender Meat Bits range of treats

Treat your dogs to Montego’s new Karoo Tender Meat Bits range of treats With more pet parents seeking high-quality pet food at an affordable price, Montego Pet Nutrition is excited to announce the launch of its newest pet treat product, Karoo Tender Meat Bits. Karoo Tender Meat Bits are made with hearty and nutritious ingredients, available in four delectable variants; Chicken & Lamb infused with rooibos, Beef & Lamb infused with lavender, Ostrich & Lamb infused with rosemary, and Venison & Lamb infused with spekboom. Karoo Tender Meat Bits treats are also free of corn, soya, gluten, and artificial colours […]

Emotional Support Animals vs. Service Animals vs. Therapy Animals

Many pet owners are unfamiliar with the differences between service animals (SAs), emotional support animals (ESAs), and therapy animals (TAs). Many also attempt to skirt laws by inaccurately claiming their pet is an ESA in an effort to save a buck. So, this week I wanted to dedicate some blog space to differentiating them, to shedding a light on this important topic. I hope you find the information enlightening! Happy reading. What is a service animal? A service animal – as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – is a dog “that has been individually trained to do […]

Tips to remember when travelling with a pet, according to the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA)

TIPS TO REMEMBER WHEN TRAVELLING WITH YOUR PETS THIS HOLIDAY, ACCORDING TO THE SOUTH AFRICAN VETERINARY ASSOCIATION (SAVA) Planning a holiday trip or vacation can be stressful, no matter the circumstances. As COVID-19 brings International holidays to a halt, many South Africans are set to explore our diverse and captivating country this December. Families will want to include their family pet in their plans, which may introduce an entirely new set of challenges. This includes packing the right equipment, checking the hotels pet policies, ensuring your pet meets the appropriate travel requirements, but not limited to. The South African Veterinary […]

The Problem with Honey Bees

To many people, honey bees symbolize prosperity, sustainability and environmentalism. But as a honey bee researcher, I have to tell you that only the first item on that list is defensible. Although they are important for agriculture, honey bees also destabilize natural ecosystems by competing with native bees—some of which are species at risk. The rise in hobby beekeeping, now a trendy activity for hundreds of thousands of Americans, followed strong awareness campaigns to “save the bees.” But as a species, honey bees are least in need of saving. Media attention disproportionately covers them over native pollinators, and murky messaging has led many citizens—myself once […]

Walking A Dog Before or After Eating: Risks, Benefits & More

So, is it better to feed a dog before or after a walk? It depends. One of the most common questions that dog parents have is, “what is the best time to feed a dog, before or after a walk?.” It’s common for dog owners to worry that walking the dog after eating will lead to bloating or stomach twist (also known as Gastric dilatation-volvulus). But they’re also concerned that not fueling up their dogs before a walk will leave them feeling weak, lethargic, and hungry. This guide will clear up the confusion on the topic of “feeding the dog […]

A New Baby & Your Dog – Helpful Strategies for a Smooth Introduction

Before Baby Arrives If you want to maximize the likelihood of a smooth and uneventful introduction of your new baby to your dog, you have to prepare well ahead of the stork’s visit. Helpful steps to take are: Anticipate the changes to your dog’s daily schedule – Dogs are creatures of habit. They like their routines. If you know the location of your dog’s bed is going to change when baby arrives, make the change before the arrival. If you know your pet’s exercise schedule will be altered (and let’s face it, it will be!), make those modifications early. Why […]