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New Zealand Now Recognizes ALL Animals As Sentient Beings!

By: Sophie McAdam New Zealand has just set a great example to the world by recognizing what animal lovers have known forever- that our furry friends are as sentient as we are, and (obviously, dur) they have feelings just like we do. It’s a theme we have covered time and again here at True Activist, but this landmark ruling by NZ is the first time this shift in perception and policy has been extended to all animals, not just chimpanzees, orangutans, or dolphins. The Animal Welfare Amendment Bill, passed last month, aims to make it easier to prosecute people in animal cruelty cases, as well as banning animal testing and research. Animal rights activists have celebrated the […]

First litter-trapping stormwater net launches in Gansbaai

Published by Aimee Pace  Gansbaai Harbour has long struggled with excessive pollution. However, thanks to a little inspiration from Australia and the dedicated efforts of Wildfred Chivell, founder of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, this area finally has a hope of fighting back against plastic pollution. Chivell realised the need for a net system over one of the storm water drain outlets in Gansbaai, and inspired by a successful Australia project with similar aims has managed to install a much-needed system in the area. The first net design was sponsored by Marine Dynamics Tours and project leaders Hennie Otto from Marine […]

Outrage over zoo spending over R1.5 million to acquire new elephants

Ban Animal Trading (Bat) and the Elephant Reintegration Trust (ERT) are outraged that the Johannesburg Zoo has spent just over R1.5 million to acquire two new elephants on 13 June. This amount was revealed through a Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) request to the Johannesburg Zoo. Director of ERT Brett Mitchell said the City’s funds have been grossly overspent through this transaction. Bat’s Smaragda Louw described the decision as unethical. “Given the urgent issues facing the City, surely this kind of problematic and excessive expenditure is irregular and would be far better spent on service delivery.” Bat is […]

Pica in Dogs & Cats – Does Your Pet Eat Weird Things?

Working in an emergency room for almost two decades, I’ve definitely seen my fair share of patients who’ve ingested some weird things – rocks, plastic, feminine hygiene products, hair ties, etc. Sure, dogs and cats love to chew on things, but actually ingesting them is problematic. This unusual habit of consuming objects is called pica. This week I’ve dedicated some time to explore this topic in greater detail. Happy reading! Pica – What is it? Pica is simply defined as the ingestion of objects with no nutritional value that confer no benefit to the animal. I think we can all […]

Surviving A Canine’s Adolescence

Jacque Lynn Schultz, C.P.D.T., Companion Animal Programs Adviser. National Outreach Those weeks of careful monitoring have finally paid off — you’re now the proud caretaker of a housebroken pup! But wait, is that a yellow stain partway up the drapes? And after you unclip Rex’s leash in the dog run, and he maniacally bounds around for 45 minutes, it still takes a ten-minute game of “catch me if you can” to get him back on-leash to go home. What gives? Your puppy has grown into a teenager. And what movement! During adolescence, the domestic canine resembles a perpetual-motion machine that […]

New Law Allows Pets To Be Buried Alongside Their Humans At Cemeteries

By Christine Humans who were looking to be buried with their pets used to have very few options available to them. If they wanted to be buried with their fur babies, they were relegated to the pet cemetery. Those who had been monitoring the situation always found this interesting. If humans had the chance to be buried at a pet cemetery, why shouldn’t animals be able to reside in human cemeteries? The state of New York has decided to put a stop to this practice. A new law has been passed that finally allows pet owners to bring their fur babies […]

Durban pet owners warned to be vigilant as eagles find a taste for furbabies

A local expert says he has come across a number of incidents where crowned eagles have mistakenly targeted smaller pets. Pet owners have been warned to be vigilant, especially for smaller animals, after a number of crowned eagle attacks in the greater Durban area, reports Northglen News. Although Sunningdale’s Jason Arnold specialises in reptiles and snake rescues, the local resident said he had come across a number of incidents where crowned eagles have mistakenly targeted smaller pets. “They also don’t hunt pets, but are usually looking for food. I just would like to warn residents in the north Durban area and […]

Vets issue urgent warning after cat is nearly killed from licking a Himalayan salt lamp

A vet has issued a warning for pet owners after a cat was nearly killed from licking a Himalayan salt lamp in New Zealand. Maddie Smith noticed her cat, Ruby, was acting strangely, and assumed it was due to the cold weather. After returning from work that evening, Ruby’s condition had deteriorated and she was unable to walk, eat or drink and was struggling to see and hear.  Ms Smith took her to a vet who said she was suffering from brain swelling due to sodium poisoning. Sodium poisoning can be life-threatening for pets, with symptoms including seizures, vomiting, diarrhea and […]

Why you shouldn’t bury your pet in the backyard

By: Rachel Allavena Companion animals are part of our families, but inevitably the time comes for us to say goodbye to them due to old age or disease. Many pet lovers opt to bury their pets in the backyard. However, there are some hidden risks to this, and there are other options that will help other pets, and even the owners who love them. Donating their body to science, for research and veterinary training, can potentially help hundreds of pets. Why the backyard isn’t best Backyard burial may seem like the easiest way to respectfully take care of your pet’s remains. […]