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Whiskas urges South Africans to get their pets microchipped this ‘chip your pet’ month

May is Chip your Pet Month and Whiskas urges pet owners to get their furry friends microchipped to increase their chances of being found if they wander off. Whiskas senior brand manager Nivashnee Moodley says some pets are natural wanderers, but others will only wander if the opportunity arises, like when a gate is left open. “Other pets wander when they become stressed by incidents such as fireworks. This is why is it so important to make sure they can be identified in the event they are picked up by a caring citizen.” Consider the case of Skabenga, the resident […]

Last-minute reprieve for Khayelitsha dogs looking for homes

Mdzananda Animal Clinic’s appeal for help gets positive response across city. The Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha was at double its capacity for stray dogs on Tuesday morning, and would have had to resort to euthanasia if people had not come forward to adopt or foster the dogs. But within hours of the clinic calling for help on Facebook, people offered the animals a safe place to stay. “After yesterday’s post, we have got quite a few responses from people who are going to foster, so I am expecting to have 20 dogs move out of our shelter before end […]

54 lions killed at a farm in two days: Horrified animal inspector reveals carnage she found in slaughterhouse

It was the overpowering stench and the thick swarm of flies that told Reinet Meyer she had stumbled upon something truly horrific. Ms Meyer, a senior inspector at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, had been tipped off that lions were being left in tiny cages at the Wag-’n-Bietjie farm, 20 miles outside Bloemfontein in South Africa’s Free State Province. Knowing that her country’s controversial lion breeding industry supplies the appalling international trade in lion bones meant she was expecting the worst.  But nothing could prepare her for the grotesque and macabre scene she found inside an anonymous-looking […]

Get that Perfect Pic with your Pooch Using a Dentastix Selfie-STIX

Want to get that perfect selfie with your pooch? The problem is your furry friend tried to bite your phone, constantly squirms out of your arms or has decided that chewing your hair is more fun. Now, there’s fun solution for getting your dog to focus on your mobile screen and strike the perfect pose – the Dentastix Selfie-STIX. Pedigree created the cool phone accessory – a clip that attaches a Pedigree Dentastix to your cell phone – to help you and your pooch master the selfie and capture your most memorable moments. All you have to do is use […]

What Are the Alternatives to Animal Testing?

In 1980, The New York Times featured a full-page ad from an animal rights group, which lambasted a prominent cosmetics company for testing its products on the eyes of rabbits. The campaign was so effective, it led to several beauty companies pledging hundreds of thousands of dollars toward research to find alternative testing methods that didn’t involve animals. Almost 40 years later, what are some of these alternatives, and how much progress have we made? Before we delve into the answer, there’s one important distinction to make: although “animal testing” usually conjures up the image of defenseless rabbits being prodded […]

More South African animal feed and pet food now contain insect larvae – thanks in part to Bill Gates

Insect larvae are becoming an increasingly important source of protein in South African animal feed and pet food products. Cape Town-based AgriProtein has been producing insect material to add to these foods for more than a decade, and are now processing 40 tonnes of food waste per day for the larvae, says its CEO Jason Drew. The food waste – which is secured from restaurants and retailers – was destined for public landfill sites. AgriProtein uses larvae from black soldier flies. The flies feed on a substance made from the organic waste sourced from local restaurants, factories and farms.  Once […]

Botswana gives leaders stools made from elephant feet

  Stools made from elephant feet have been presented to three African leaders by their host in Botswana during a meeting on the future of the mammals. President Mokgweetsi Masisi handed over the gifts, covered in a blue patterned cloth, to his counterparts from Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The countries, along with South Africa, are calling for the ban on the sale of ivory to be lifted. They argue that money from the trade can be used for conservation projects. Elephant poaching is a big issue across Africa and some estimates say 30,000 are killed every year. There are thought […]

Eastern Puma Officially Declared Extinct By The USFWS

Unfortunately, the Eastern Puma has officially been declared as extinct by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). For many years prior to this tragic declaration, this majestic creature could often be found in the eastern states of the US, particularly along the Mississippi River. Sadly, that is no longer true. There have been a number of factors which influenced the USFWS’s decision to list this species as extinct. The main factor is that there hasn’t been a sighting of the Eastern Puma In the wild for over eight decades. The USFWS gave a formal notice stating that due to […]

Pedigree: This Little Doggie Went to Market

Dogs love to explore, so why not make a day of it with the entire family by visiting one of the many dog-friendly outdoor markets in Gauteng? The markets provide an opportunity to browse, find unique gifts for family and friends, grab a bite to eat, listen to live music and just relax. Pedigree Brand Manager, Ashleigh Sanderson, says taking dogs on an outing is a perfect way for owners and their canine friends to bond and spend some quality time together. “That’s why Dentastix has identified some of the top dog-friendly markets in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. And, […]

Joburg Zoo To Get Second Elephant In Spite Of Public Outcry

The Joburg Zoo continues to make unilateral decisions regarding Lammie the elephant’s future while the DA led City council turns a blind eye. The zoo announced in January that it was actively searching for a second elephant, prompting the resignation of the NSPCA from the Animal Ethics Committee. The zoo’s decision flies in the face of numerous specialist reports detailing the shortfalls of keeping a social, sentient animals in captivity. The zoo has yet to reply who their own elephant specialists advising them are, writes LOUZEL LOMBARD STEYN. Ongoing global petitions supporting Lammie’s release to an accredited rewilding sanctuary presently have received […]