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Dog starves due to Covid-19

Yoliswa Makalima, a resident from the Khayelitsha community, visited the Mdzananda Animal Clinic to hand her dog over. Her dog, a small Staffordshire bullterrier cross named Nonjana, was extremely skinny, spine and bones protruding. Yoliswa was handing her over because she had no money to feed her dog and wanted Nonjana to have a better life. “She is such a sweet girl,” said Ms Makalima. “I really don’t want to let her go.” Yoliswa lost her job due to Covid-19 restrictions and her income is down to zero. She is the only income earner in her household. She worked as […]

Call for vets to be included in Phase 2 of Covid-19 vaccine roll-out

Cape Town – South Africa’s vets want to be included in the government’s national vaccine rollout plan citing professional safety concerns. The South African Veterinarian Association (Sava), together with the Black Veterinary Forum (BVI), issued a request to the Departments of Health, and Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development for animal health and welfare workers to be added to the phased roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine, citing professional safety concerns. Dr Leon de Bruyn, chief executive of the association, said the sector had not been considered. “It’s been problematic,” he explained. “We’ve had two colleagues pass on a week ago. […]

RSPCA issues warning after animals found entangled in disposable face mask straps

The RSPCA is urging people to “snip the straps” on disposable face masks after an ibis was found entangled in Brisbane. With masks mandatory in Greater Brisbane until 12:01am Friday, more people have been using and disposing of personal protective equipment (PPE) face masks. The RSPCA said throwing the masks away is not enough and they are asking people to cut the elastic straps that hold the masks in place. Senior rescue unit officer Jo Jordaan said she responded to a report over the weekend, but she was unable to locate the bird. “I was called out to an ibis […]

Okavango Delta under threat from oil, gas exploration

Q7 Beckett has travelled through South Africa on foot before, but for the indigenous San youth leader, his latest 1 500km protest walk is his most important: saving the Okavango Delta, Africa’s last intact wetland wilderness, from major oil and gas development. On 1 February, Beckett, joined by a group of San indigenous leaders and supporters, left Knysna for the Namibian consulate in Cape Town.  On Monday, they will hand over a petition from the San First People of southern Africa objecting to ReconAfrica, a Canadian oil and gas firm, to which Namibia and Botswana have given the green light […]

Top dogs brought in to sniff out KZN’s rhino poachers

KwaZulu-Natal wildlife authorities have brought out their top dogs — literally — to protect their rhinos. Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife this week announced that it had formed a dog unit — in partnership with several individuals and organisations — in the hope it will not only protect the endangered animals but also help to catch poachers before they strike. “The K9 unit has adopted a proactive approach to apprehend poachers before they poach rhinos. Some of the operational expectations regarding this unit is that it is used to intercept poaching groups before they shoot rhino,” Ezemvelo said in a statement. “The unit […]

When dogs bark, are they using words to communicate?

Does your dog bark a lot? Or is he one of those quiet pooches who barks only when things get really exciting? Most dogs bark at least a little. Dog barks are not words. But although your dog will never tell you about his parents or the weather or the amazing bone he had yesterday, his barks still communicate important information. Dog barks are much closer to the noises people make when they accidentally hit their thumb with a hammer – “Ow!” – or open a fantastic present – “Wow!” These sounds convey how someone feels, but not why they […]

Montego’s premium Karoo range expands to Cat food

Montego Pet Nutrition is excited to announce the expansion of the Karoo range to a whole new cat-agory! Introducing Karoo Cat and Kitten, the newest addition to Karoo’s family of super-premium, limited ingredient recipes that is sure to make your cat purr with pleasure. The new Karoo Cat range is made with hearty and nutritious ingredients, vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, and high levels of antioxidants for an optimally balanced diet. The Montego Karoo Cat range contains up to 36% protein, which helps build and repair fur, skin, claws, and muscle. Now our feline friends can enjoy the super-premium quality […]

#BeMyValentine – Homeless pets offering love

It’s the month of love and the Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha is encouraging members of the public to show some love to homeless pets in need. Their #BeMyValentine campaign features dogs and cats up for adoption looking for sponsorship to make their Valentine’s day a happy one.   “Valentine’s Day has become an extremely commercialised event with people spending large amounts of money on gifts, chocolates and flowers. This year we are encouraging people to allow a homeless pet to be their Valentine by sponsoring them and showing them some love,” says Marcelle du Plessis, Fundraising and Communications Manager. […]

Vaccinating your best four legged friend: The Pros and Cons

We all love our domestic pets and only want what is best for them. But love, food, shelter and cuddles aren’t all that they need. They are at risk from a variety of potentially dangerous diseases or illnesses which can be avoided through the use of essential vaccinations recommended by all vets. Not only can the owner protect the well-being of the animal, be it a cat, dog or other common household pet, but it can be a significant means of avoiding potentially costly treatments, which may be necessary for our furry friends if they are not protected by the […]

Smart Cameras That Stop Wind Turbines When Birds Approach Massively Reduce Eagle Deaths

Renewable energy is now the cheapest energy on the planet. Countries all over the globe are rapidly converting from destructive and limited fossil fuels to wind turbines, solar power and even more creative options, including the UK which is now powered more by renewables than other sources.   Despite being one of the best sources of renewable energy, wind turbines have received significant pushback from opposition that claims they kill native bird populations. It is a valid criticism – research has shown collisions with turbine blades do kill birds, albeit at a fraction of the rate fossil-fueled power plants do.  In an attempt to minimize the ecological […]