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Animals 101 – Hot weather and your pets

Even though many parts of the country have recently experienced lots of rain and cooler weather, the summer is here and protecting your pets from the heat is crucial for their well-being. Heatstroke is also a health risk! HOT WEATHER SAFETY Here are a few tips from the Humane Society to keep your pets safe in the heat: Please make sure your pets/animals are sheltered from the elements. They need 24 hour access to fresh, clean and cool water. Keep their bowls out of the sun. Never leave an animal alone in a vehicle, because overheating can kill them. The […]

Frozen & Fun Dog Treats for Hot Summer Days | Hill’s Pet

Published by: Chrissie Klinger As the dog days of summer start to heat up, many pet parents look for ways to keep their dogs cool. Why not try making some frozen dog treats for summer fun with your pup? Frozen treats not only let you experiment in the kitchen, but they may help prevent dehydration and keep your pooch entertained. Creative Ways to Cool Down Once you gather some healthy treat ingredients and clear out space in the freezer, the possibilities are almost endless. Investing in some silicone ice cube trays and ice pop molds allows you to change the […]

TEARS launches fundraising campaign aimed at easing the plight of Community Cats

Leading pro-Life animal rescue and veterinary charity based in Sunnydale in Cape Town, TEARS Animal Rescue, has launched a fundraising campaign ahead of Christmas to raise R500,000.00 and highlight the plight of the City’s abandoned and forgotten community cats. While TEARS sterilises and vaccinates approximately 250 community and homeless cats every month through its Community Cat Project, TEARS Operations Manager, Mandy Store stresses that there is a critical need for Government and animal welfare organisations to provide a sustained and humane solution to an issue that is marginalised and misunderstood. While it’s impossible to determine how many feral and abandoned […]

How to Repurpose Old Kids’ Toys Into Toys for Your Pup

Your kids’ discarded toys and outgrown clothes are piling up in the basement. (You’ll donate it eventually, right?) Meanwhile, your dog is constantly in need of new and sometimes expensive toys. Is there a way to repurpose some old odds-and-ends in your home to create fun DIY dog toys for your favorite pup? Here are five easy ideas for turning old and outgrown kid and baby stuff into DIY dog toys. Comfy Bed Give your dog the perfect place for an afternoon nap by turning a crib mattress into a dog bed. Crib mattresses are the perfect size and a […]

Animals 101: Decoding your dogs bark

One of the 5 FREEDOMS OF ANIMAL WELFARE includes the FREEDOM TO EXPRESS NATURAL BEHAVIOUR and barking is natural behaviour! Barking is a way to communicate, so it will never be the goal to stop barking entirely. Obviously, we don’t want constant or excessive barking, but then we need to find out what is being constantly communicated through the barking. Barking is a way your dog is telling you something is not right, which might include that their needs are not met, so listen up! REASONS WHY DOGS BARK Dogs bark for different reasons and understanding what triggers the behaviour […]

Khayelitsha pet abandonment skyrockets as the Festive Season draws closer

Abandoned dogs have been pouring through the doors of the Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha as the festive season quickly approaches. The clinic is an NPO veterinary clinic and not specifically a shelter. They have a very small shelter programme which can cater for 15 dogs. Currently, they have 24 dogs and 10 puppies at the shelter along with many more dogs in foster care. “The Festive Season is happy for most but for us, it is the hardest time of the year,” says Marcelle du Plessis, Fundraising and Communications Manager of Mdzananda Animal Clinic. “We’re already over capacity and […]

My Cat Hates My Dog: What Should I Do?

In the battle between cats and dogs, dogs are usually depicted as the instigators. But sometimes, it’s the cat who has it in for the family dog. Though it’s certainly possible, and actually quite common, for cats and dogs to get along and even form friendships, some cats just want nothing to do with dogs. They may even turn hostile toward the friendliest and gentlest of pups, leaving you to wondering what to do. This can be especially true of a shelter cat introduced into your home. Although shelter personnel should be able to tell you whether a cat gets […]

The South African Animal Physical Rehabilitation Association (SAAPRA) highlights the dangers of OBESITY amongst pets

The words tubby, flabby or fatty should not be words used by your friends during a braai to describe your beloved pet. Weight gain should not be preventing them from being unable to join you for a snuggle in bed as they cannot make it up the stairs. Unlike wild animals, who spend a great deal of energy catching or looking for food, our spoilt fluffballs have the luxury of only having to follow their nose to the delightful kitchen which contains an assortment of fine treats.  This means our pet’s energy intake (food consumed) outweighs their energy output (seeking […]

Animals 101 – What sort of bones may be safe for my dog?

BENEFITS OF BONES Studies have shown chewing on raw bones can dramatically reduce the amount of plaque on a dog’s teeth in just a few days. It keeps a dog’s mind and mouth entertained for a period of time. Gnawing on raw bones is an instinct canines haven’t gotten rid of for thousands of years—indulge your dog in this pastime! Raw bones are also rich in nutrients like calcium and phosphorus. Though they definitely aren’t intended to replace meals or snacks, they can provide a small vitamin and mineral boost on special occasions. PRECAUTIONS Compare the size of the bone […]

Khayelitsha animal clinic celebrates 25 years of helping animals

Twenty-five years ago, a Khayelitsha community member saw that his neighbours did not know how to care for their pets. He took a shopping trolly and went door-to-door, feeding dogs and cats and educating people on their pets’ needs. Mr Joe Manchu soon attracted volunteers including many community children. A bath was donated which was used for dipping pets with fleas and ticks. Thereafter a shipping container was donated which became the first ever animal clinic in Khayelitsha. Today, 25 years later, Mdzananda Animal Clinic is celebrating a quarter century of helping, healing and rescuing pets in Khayelitsha. The clinic […]