WHISKAS® Decodes Your Cat’s Love Language

WHISKAS® Decodes Your Cat’s Love Language

If you spend time with loved ones, you might’ve heard the phrase ‘Love Languages’. It may sound like general science talk but it was actually coined by author Gary Chapman in a book titled “The Five Love Languages.” This book which was first published in 1995, helps people express their heartfelt commitment towards others.

This knowledge of what we can do to make someone feel protected, confident and valued can greatly improve our relationships with family, friends and believe it or not – our pets too.

Did you know that your cat has its own love language? It’s true. They use small gestures all the time to communicate with you. While humans may give each other hugs or a reassuring pat on the back, your cat will probably bring you a dead mouse or snuggle up on your lap or walk over your keyboard.  

Whether you’re a long-term cat lover or you’ve just adopted a new feline friend, there are a number of things that we as cat owners can do to build a loving, trusting relationship with them and Whiskas® has compiled a list of 5 love languages that your cat will use to communicate, to help you understand them better:

  1. Gifts: A cat considers you as surrogate family and if he/she brings you a dead mouse or bird, it’s a way of trying to look after you – it knows you would never have been able to catch that delicious mouse on your own.
  2. Quality Time: If your kitty is staring blankly at the TV screen, take it as a nod of approval on your entertainment choice. The Secret Life of Pets may just get their stamp of approval, plus they get to watch it on your lap
  3. Physical Touch: Your kitty might see your tummy as dough, and start to knead you. Don’t be offended, it’s a sign of affection. Even a wet lick on your nose or suckling of your chin is love in its purest form.
  4. Words of Affirmation: Cats mostly communicate through eye contact but if they purr at you or meow strangely, take it as a declaration for the world to hear that your kitty loves you.
  5. Acts of Service: Most cats love interactive play.  We may not always feel like waving their favourite toy in the air, or pointing a laser light at the wall but we know cats need that release for their inner predator. They look forward to playtime to teach you the secret art of catching the infamous red dot.

WHISKAS® understands that while cats show us love in a variety of ways, a great way to show them you love them back is with a healthy and tasty diet. Want to find out more about how to feed their curiosity? Tune into Afternoon Express on 15 August between 16:30 – 17:00, where PEDIGREE® AND WHISKAS® will be sharing professional tips featuring the shows resident pets – Baxter the cat and Donut the dog, as we decode our pets love language.

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