We’re Going to Kitten Kollege with Whiskas®

SOUTH AFRICA, MAY 2018: Adopting a tiny kitten is a magical experience, it literally takes seconds after introducing the curious little feline to your home that you realise two things: firstly, cats are Laugh Out Loud adorable, and secondly, you’re needing to learn a whole lot more about your little kitty. That’s why WHISKAS® has made the Kitten Kollege syllabus available to all South Africans.

The esteemed and prestigious international institute of feline education offers a broad curriculum for kitten owners. No matter what topic you’re curious about the Kitten Kollege has a class for you.

Currently, the illustrious Kitten Kollege offers classes on just some of the following subject matters:

  • Your kitten’s guide to taking over the world
  • The diverse breeds of kittens and their characteristics
  • Introducing your kitten to other pets in your home
  • Basic cat needs
  • How to care for your kitten’s health
  • Choosing the right kitten and kitten-proofing your house to make it safe for them
  • Why you should train your kitten from an early age
  • Preparing your human child for your new furry family member

So, if you’re interested in graduating in Kitten Care, or getting ahead on Curious Cat Conversations, this tertiary institution has a course to ensure you’re enriching and nurturing your kitten’s curiosity throughout their journey.

Satisfy that cat-like curiosity (and learn a little more about it too) by signing up for the FREE educational and endlessly entertaining Kitty Modules with WHISKAS® Kitten Kollege.

Please see below a link to the 1st Kitten Kollege YouTube video:

Source: Whiskas®


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