Unrest relief: International society donates 22 tonnes of dog food

Unrest relief: International society donates 22 tonnes of dog food

Unrest relief: International society donates 22 tonnes of dog food

The Humane Society International donated 22 tonnes of pet food to animal welfare organisations who are struggling after the recent unrest in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Photograph: Humane Society International

The unrest that recently swept through parts of South Africa did not leave animal welfare and pet rescue organisations unscathed. 

Most were forced to stop their work for safety reasons and close their shelter doors, meaning that their stock of veterinary medicines and pet food began to run dry too.

While South Africans unite to rebuild and restock supermarket shelves in parts of the country after the recent, pet care organisations that were affected by the unrest have received a helping hand from global animal welfare organisation, Humane Society International (HSI).

 HSI/Africa has provided 22 tons of dog food to animal welfare groups in Durban and Johannesburg as part of its disaster response efforts.

 The recent violence severely disrupted the work of these essential organisations that take veterinary care and supplementary food into underprivileged communities.  Mostly volunteer-run, they had to stop operating in the interests of safety, while those with kennels had to close their doors and face an ever-diminishing stock of pet food as supplies began to run dry.

 “Every rescue group we contacted as part of a local needs assessment had suspended operations and was critically low on pet food. One hadn’t been able to conduct their weekly outreach activities for the first time in six years because of the violence,” said HSI/Africa spokesperson Marisol Gutierrez.

 “We wanted to help them get back on track as soon as possible. Where there are socio-economic hardships in communities, these are greatly amplified for animals – and this includes hunger,” Gutierrez said.

 The rescue groups that benefitted from HSI/Africa’s disaster relief included Soweto Animal Rescue and Advisory (SARAC), Community-Led Animal Welfare (CLAW), The Dogs’ Trust, Animals in Distress, Hellen White in the Community, Kloof and Highway SPCA, Animal Anti-Cruelty League Durban, KZN Valley Dogs, Funda Nenja, Mazarat Animal Rescue, Pietermaritzburg Animal Rescue and Rehoming (PARR), Animal Antics, Border Collie Rescue, Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment (PACT), Cliffdale Animal Welfare, Project Dog, Animally Haven, Puppy SOS, Blue Bundu Brigade.

Source: The South African


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