Three ways

Three ways that pets can help families learn, bond and stay healthy

Three ways

Johan and Saartjie

It’s not always easy to balance work, family, and life’s responsibilities. Our schedules are busier than ever and it feels like the last stretch of 2019 is rapidly running out with little to no time left to prioritise time for yourself and with family.

Family man and Montego Pet Nutrition CEO, Johan van Jaarsveld, intentionally makes time to bond with his family, by using fun elements like caring for your pets as activities that can bring the whole family together.

He shares three quick ways that your pets can help you learn, bond as a family and stay healthy.

Three ways that pets can help families learn, bond and stay healthy

Before iPads and smartphones kept us indoors and glued to our screens, many of us spent our time together as families, often outdoors, playing with friends and rolling around on the lawn with our pets for hours. With schedules getting busier, smart devices taking over our lives, and ‘quality time’ becoming a rare commodity, it’s easy to lose sight of those special moments that turn into lifelong family memories.

Johan van Jaarsveld, entrepreneur and CEO of Montego Pet Nutrition, is a husband and father to his two daughters and three dogs. Having grown up in the Karoo he maintains that spending time playing outside and caring for his pets played a vital role in becoming the father and businessman he is today.

He shares a few tips to slowing down and taking the time to bond as a family through caring for their pets:

1. Teach your kids valuable life skills through caring for your pets

Dinner time is an important part of a family’s day. Get the kids involved by making it their responsibility each night to feed the pets at home. Through this task, they will learn responsibility and know that you trust them with a vital part of their pet’s life. Turn your pets’ feeding time into valuable life lessons about developing a routine, caring for others and responsibility.

2. Get active with your pets

It’s easy to forget how beneficial exercise is for our mood and overall health in between busy schedules. Spending just 30 minutes a day by walking and playing with your pet will not only help you to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, but is also beneficial to your pet’s wellbeing too, allowing them to get their daily dose of exercise and sunshine while spending quality time with their owner.

3. Picnic with your pets for the perfect family outing

Take your pets out for a day at the park with the whole family. Swapping the video games and TV marathons for a day of sunshine, laughter, and games is not only important for family bonding time, but to develop bonds and memories with our pets too. Pack a yummy picnic basket with treats for everyone and don’t forget to pack a ball or frisbee to keep your furry pals entertained.

From teaching the kids to be more responsible to bringing the family together, pets play an important role in families and these tips will help create happier, healthier homes.

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Source: Montego


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