New jumbo-sized Megachews from Montego Pet Nutrition

New jumbo-sized Megachews from Montego Pet Nutrition

New jumbo-sized Megachews from Montego Pet Nutrition

Training sessions and often-dreaded visits to the vet can now end on a much happier note for your dogs with Montego Pet Nutrition’s new Bags O’ Wags Megachews.

These mighty treats are an extension of the Bags O’ Wags range and are ideal for larger dog breeds. The 30cm jumbo-sized, nutritious treats are extra-long and extra-delicious making them an excellent reward for good behaviour, the perfect incentive when training or a between-meal-snack.

These tasty treats are available in three variants: Bacon Flavoured Spare Ribs, offering a chewie outer layer of goodness, Beef Flavoured Marrow Bones with a soft and meaty centre, and Butternut Flavoured Sticks, which double up as the ultimate teeth-cleaning treat.

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“Dogs of different ages and sizes have different nutritional requirements, and we aim to cater to all of them. Megachews are not only fun, tasty treats, they are packed with all the nutritional goodness that is essential for the health and growth of larger dogs,” said Wilfred Cawood, Marketing Manager at Montego Pet Nutrition.

The jumbo-sized treats can be purchased at a RRP of R19.00 each. Visit  for more information.

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