Montego’s premium Karoo range expands to Cat food

Montego’s premium Karoo range expands to Cat food

 Montego’s premium Karoo range expands to Cat food

Montego Pet Nutrition is excited to announce the expansion of the Karoo range to a whole new cat-agory! Introducing Karoo Cat and Kitten, the newest addition to Karoo’s family of super-premium, limited ingredient recipes that is sure to make your cat purr with pleasure.

The new Karoo Cat range is made with hearty and nutritious ingredients, vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, and high levels of antioxidants for an optimally balanced diet. The Montego Karoo Cat range contains up to 36% protein, which helps build and repair fur, skin, claws, and muscle.

Now our feline friends can enjoy the super-premium quality of Karoo that many have come to know and love. Made with real ingredients and containing flavours of chicken, lamb, and rice.

“We are so excited about the new Karoo Cat range and have kept to our standard of manufacturing products with the highest quality ingredients, giving pets a complete and balanced meal. The health and well-being of pets remain a priority to us, and that is why we are committed to providing products that cater to all their nutritional needs in new, innovative ways,” said Wilfred Cawood, Marketing Manager at Montego.

The Karoo Cat range comes in 2kg-4kg bags for kittens and 2kg-10kg bags for adult cats, from R 175.00. Visit for more information.

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