Montego Pet Nutrition launches new supplements and grooming range

Montego Pet Nutrition launches new supplements and grooming range

Montego Pet Nutrition launches new supplements and grooming range


Montego Pet Nutrition, one of the biggest pet food manufacturers in the country, is excited to announce its latest innovation into pet health and wellness. Introducing Montego XenPet (pronounced “ZenPet”). A complete range of premium, nature-inspired nutritional supplements and grooming products for gentle, effective inner and outer pet care.

Made with the same premium quality Montego customers have come to know and love over the past two decades, this range of supplements and grooming is a first for the brand and is suitable for all adult dog breeds.

Montego XenPet’s Soft Chews supplement range aims to boost the health of your pet and contains natural herbs and botanicals which aids in allergy alleviation, calms anxiety, and supports cognitive function.

Each variant’s functional ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure that the products effectively address key health concerns and enhances a dog’s quality of life, while simultaneously providing dogs with a tasty chew. XenPet Soft Chews are available in five variants, including Allergy, Calming, Cognitive, Digestive, and Mobility supplements.

The grooming range is the first non-consumable pet-related product offering by Montego, and is derived from essential oils and natural extracts, to give pets the care they deserve. Formulated to gently cleanse and moisturise dry, itchy, and allergy-prone skin, all grooming products contain ingredients that soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin and coat, leaving your pet happy, relieved, and smelling fresh.

Montego’s grooming products are made up of three conditioning shampoo variants, along with four refresh and soothing products. These include the Revitalising Conditioning Shampoo with Cucumber and Melon, Refreshing Conditioning Shampoo with Lemongrass and Coconut, and the Rejuvenating Conditioning Shampoo with Geranium and Buchu. Anti-Itch Deodorising Spray with Lemon and Verbena, No Rinse Foam Wash and a Soothing Snout and Paw Balm with Coconut and Almond Oil.

“We believe that to innovate and adapt, is to move forward, and we want to stay ahead of the curve through providing premium pet care for our loyal customers”, says Wilfred Cawood, Marketing Executive at Montego Pet Nutrition.

Montego XenPet supplements and grooming range can be found at your nearest national XenPet retailer from October 2021. Supplements are available in tubs of 60 soft chews from a RRP of R215.00, and grooming products from R55.00. For more information visit

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