Hill’s Prescription Diet GastroIntestinaI Biome

Microbiome science revolutionises pet health

Hill's Gastrointestinal Biome

You grab the probiotic yoghurt in the dairy aisle without thinking twice, pop that probiotic capsule every morning with your breakfast, and you know that kombucha tea your sometimes ‘off the beaten track’ friend always offers you, well you’ll take it now, thanks. Why? Two words; gut health.   

With extensive research into the overall  health effects of the gut that go far beyond digestion – the gut boosts the immune system, maintains and supports brain and cardiovascular health – the latest trend in digestive health research is the microbiome. The gut microbiome is an ecosystem of organisms, such as bacteria, yeast, fungi and protozoans that live in each person’s gut. Research has found that the microbiome is linked to mood, metabolism, weight, brain disorders, athleticism, immune function, inflammation, allergies, and skin conditions. 

Over the past few years, Hill’s Pet Nutrition has been studying the microbiome in-depth, as gut health and the microbiome goes beyond just human health. “The science behind gut health in humans is evolving and as Hill’s is at the forefront of pets’ health it is natural that microbiotics would be a primary focus area,” explains Dr Guy Fyvie Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s veterinary adviser. The result of this ongoing research is the launch of Hill’s Prescription Diet GastroIntestinal Biome* food with ActiveBiome+ Technology for dogs and cats. 

This food goes beyond the traditional fibre and probiotic approach, which we know doesn’t change the gut ecosystem the way we want to; to restore the pet’s unique gut ecosystem with microbiome science.

The magic starts with a special blend of fibres including citrus, flaxseed, cranberries, pumpkin and pecans. Desirable gut bacteria ferment these fibres and release gut-nourishing compounds, known as postbiotics: 

  • Short-chain fatty acids 
  • Antioxidants and
  • Anti-inflammatory polyphenols

Clinical studies in pets fed Hill’s Prescription Diet GastroIntestinal Microbiome have been impressive:

  • Resolving diarrhoea in dogs in as little as 24 hours
  • Limiting future episodes in 100% of dogs
  • Promoting regular, healthy stools in constipated cats

“A pet food that targets gut health specifically is not simply a nice to have, it’s a necessity. Currently, the largest percentage of all cases vets see are gastrointestinal patients and this is on the increase,” explains Dr Fyvie. “We are confident that this food will yield impressive results for pets with chronic fibre responsive diarrhoea, and constipation, where nothing else has worked before.” 

This is first of its kind nutrition made possible by science. “Science is, and continues to be, Hill’s point of difference,” concludes Dr Fyvie.

Hill’s Prescription Diet GastroIntestinaI Biome is available for cats in both a 1.5kg and 5kg bag as well as a chicken and vegetable stew and for dogs in 1.5kg and 10kg bags. 

*Hill’s Prescription Diet GastroIntestinaI Biome food will be available at veterinary practices only from 1 June

For more from Hill’s visit www.hillspet.co.za/microbiome

Source: Hill’s Pet Nutrition 


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