Bike ride helps support TEARS animal rescue shelter

Bike ride helps support TEARS animal rescue shelter

Bike ride helps support TEARS animal rescue shelter

The Deep South Lions Club hosted a charity bike ride on Sunday in an effort to source donations for TEARS. Picture: Supplied

The Newlands branch of an international club, the Deep South Lions, is patting itself on the back after a successful turnout for its annual charity bike ride in support of the The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS) animal rescue shelter.

The organisation, which stretches from the Western Cape to Namibia, hosted a charity bike ride on Sunday morning to source essential items for animals currently housed at TEARS, in Masiphumelele.

Deep South Lions Club president Rory Stier said although the charity bike ride was part of the club’s annual community engagements, it was important, “almost vital”, to support those in need due to the ongoing pandemic.

“Our annual charity bike run is such an important initiative and we are more than pleased to grow and expand it each year. This year I think goods to the total of R15 000 were donated.

“The turn-out was amazing we had over 100 bikers who joined us and about 30 cars as well. People brought the animals at the shelter food and blankets. Everyone came with something for the animals, and as a club we couldn’t be happier.

“Facilitating community aid is rewarding, and we are grateful to TEARS for allowing us to continue supporting them where we can,” said Stier.

TEARS operations manager Mandy Store said: “TEARS Animal Rescue is overwhelmed by the generosity of the Deep South Lions Charity Bike Ride in support of vulnerable companion animals.”

She said twice as many supporters came out to support this year’s bike ride. “It has warmed our hearts and boosted much-needed pet food donations.

“During the Covid-19 crisis, TEARS has been actively feeding dogs and cats in the low-income communities that we support. This relief has gone a long way towards helping pet owners support their pets during a time of so much financial uncertainty and scarcity.

“A massive thank you to everyone who took part in the rally!”

Source: IOL


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