10 Common Household Items that are Lethal to Pets

Image: Pixabay

1. Medications.

Even simple tylenol and/or ibuprofen can be lethal to dogs. Always keep medications in child-proof containers.

2. Anti-freeze.

If you own a car you’ll be using more of this stuff as the weather gets colder. Unfortunately, it has a sweet taste that many animals like and it’s lethal if ingested.

3. Exposed electrical wires.

Puppies and kittens will chew on just about anything. Be sure to tape down wires and keep them out of the paws and claws of playful pets.

4.Pesticides & Herbicides.

Even if you have indoor pets, these chemicals can sometime leak into neighboring yards and harm you neighborhood pets. Use natural alternatives whenever possible.

5. Pest Traps.

Though these are meant for rodents and insects, your dog doesn’t know that. If you have to use pest traps, be certain that your pets cannot get near them.

6. Houseplants.

Many common everyday houseplants such as lilies, poinsettias, tulips, pothos and even english ivy are poisonous to pets. If you’re not sure if you have poisonous plants in your home the ASPCA has this great list.

7. Fertilizers.

Many dogs LOVE the fowl smell of fertilizer and can’t wait to roll in it! However, most commercial fertilizers have pesticides, herbicides, minerals and other chemicals that harmful to pets.

8. Household cleaners.

Most people know that household cleaners can be lethal if ingested. But, did you know that they can also cause mild allergic reactions in some pets? The strong scent and residue left behind can skin irritations, watery eyes and even difficulty breathing.

9. Coins.

Coins shouldn’t seem that dangerous but if you have one of those dogs that will swallow just about anything, then be on the look out! The high levels of zinc, iron and other trace metals are dangerous to dogs– and can cause liver and kidney failure. 10. Tobacco and alcohol. This may sound like common sense but a lot of pets will try to seek out tobacco and alcohol products. Some dogs love beer and there are some kittens might think a cigarette butt is fun toy–but both of these things can cause your pet to become dangerous ill. So take extra care to keep things away from your pets.

Source: Pet Hub


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