flat-faced dogs

Why people still buy flat-faced dogs despite major health risks

SURVEY SAYS — Previous studies have looked at why dog…
Residents urged not to dump bunnies

Residents urged not to dump bunnies in fields and parks

Community members are being asked not to dump or leave their…
New EU rule
court case

The court case all dog owners in South Africa should know about

A new judgement from the Supreme Court of Appeal will have…
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Helping with Hairballs

Having a bad hair day? There’s no doubt about it, there…
Pets play an important role in mental health support

World Suicide Prevention Day 10 September; pets support mental health

10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day If one thing…
Reverse Sneezing

Reverse Sneezing in Dogs & Cats – Should You Be Worried?

Reverse Sneezing – What is it? To understand this condition,…
Pet Insurance Awareness Month

It's Pet Insurance Awareness Month - the importance of pet protection

September is Pet Insurance Awareness Month Highlighting the…
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Fight the effects of ageing in cats and dogs

Signs that your pet is ageing As a ‘pet parent’ you may…
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Cryptococcosis in Cats – A Feline Fungal Infection

Cryptococcosis – What is it? Cryptococcus species are found…