About Infurmation

Our Vision

You love your pet right? Well our small home-based business thrives on the love and passion we have for all animals, big and small, domestic and wild.

We focus mainly on rescued animals and being the connection between animal welfare (the rescuer), pet lovers (the adopter) and veterinary practices (the health care provider). This triangle of love and support is all a rescued pet need. (rescue, love, health care)

We offer pets owners infurmation on pet behaviour, health, nutrition and a variety of relevant topics to help them gain insight into their beloved pet.

We offer veterinary practices a platform to market themselves to the broader pet community and the chance to work hand in hand with rescue organisations

We give animal welfare organisations a stage to promote themselves and the tireless, selfless work they do.

We support various TNR programmes and mass sterilisation campaigns that address the root of the large number of unwanted animals in our communities.

We cover local and international animal news and stories

We offer pet related businesses a leads generating platform to promote their products and services.

Our Mission

Frodo just won’t stop scratching from some unknown skin allergy or Tinkerbells breath smells so bad it’s unbearable or Binky the rabbit has stopped eating! Our website can locate veterinary practices – in your area – that offer specialised services – a dermatologist for Frodo, a dentist for Tinkerbell and a bunny savy vet for Binky.

All registered veterinary practices in South Africa are listed according to location making it easy for viewers to locate their nearest vet. This is helpful if:

  • Your pet gets sick while traveling and you need a vet quick
  • You pick up a sick or stray animal in an unfamiliar area
  • You’ve just moved and need to find a new vet
  • You need to know which vets closest to you are clinics (only consult) and which are hospitals (perform procedures)

We offer free directory listings to support to all animal welfare organisations and breed specific rescue organisation in South Africa. These are also listed according to location making it helpful if:

  • You want to ADOPT!
  • You want to volunteer at your nearest shelter
  • You want to donate all your brick a brak and don’t want to drive far
  • You pick up a sick or stray animal in an unfamiliar area
  • You can’t afford veterinary care and need to find a welfare organisation that can help your pet

Our Google ratings are so good that when searching for veterinary practice online our website comes up with their contact details first!

Our Values

  • Passion
  • Compassion
  • Determination
  • Courage

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Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Every effort has been made and reasonable precautions taken to ensure that all information on this website is accurate. However, the Infurmation team cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies, errors or omissions that may appear, or any damages that may arise as a result. Likewise, any other contributors or partners/associates of Infurmation cannot be held liable or responsible for any misinformation contained in the website, or any damages or loss connected therewith, either directly or indirectly.

We have listed all pet products, services and charities in good faith, however the responsibility lies with the pet owner to ensure that these services and products meet their own standards.

We acknowledge the ownership of all trademarks. The opinions and contributions featured on this website do not necessarily represent those of the Infurmation team.

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Infurmation reserves the right to use any images submitted to us for future features on this website, if we so choose.

We regard the privacy of our consumers as a priority and we do not collect your personal information, except in cases where such information is voluntarily submitted to us.

If you have any queries pertaining to the above, please feel free to contact [email protected] for clarification.