About Infurmation

Our Vision

We are a profitable and sustainable business recognised as the leading source of information regarding pets and their associated products and services. We create awareness via education and connect the three pillars of animal welfare in South Africa, the animal lover, Animal Welfare and Veterinary services by providing a comprehensive network of information.

Our Mission

We are customer service orientated and treat every customer like a part of our family, getting to know them personally and what their specific business needs are.

We are a professional solutions provider and assist our customers in creating a profitable and sustainable business in the pet industry through our lead generating online platform.

We operate to a strict code of ethics with regards to the treatment of animals and will not engage with or promote any business that does not follow the same code.

We are an energetic, passionate, and skilled team that works hard to deliver the best service and value for money to our customers.

We have formed strategic partnerships and relationships with all organisations promoting the welfare of pets, and together we educate and inform the public on how to connect with their pet in an educated and meaningful way.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Ethics
  • Compassion
  • Efficient
  • Fun
  • Teamwork

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Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

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We have listed all pet products, services and charities in good faith, however the responsibility lies with the pet owner to ensure that these services and products meet their own standards.

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