The NSPCA and Gerrie Nel head to the High Court against Live Export by Sea

NSPCA - live export

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) confirms that an urgent application to the High Court has been launched to interdict the impending export by sea of live sheep to Kuwait. The matter is set to be heard in the Grahamstown High Court on Friday, 28 February 2020. This, following the live export by sea horror that took place in October 2019 where sheep were transported to the Middle East in horrendous conditions.

Since the shipment in October 2019, the NSPCA has attempted to gain information from both the exporters and the government, of when the next shipment is scheduled, to no avail. The NSPCA was recently made aware that the sheep are mounting in the feedlot owned by the Page Farming Trust and leased by Al Mawashi in Berlin, Eastern Cape, and there were in excess of 30 000 sheep in the first week of February 2020. This number has increased by another 40 000 since 13 February 2020 – totalling 70 000 sheep. It is clear that an imminent shipment is planned.

Afriforum agreed to assist the NSPCA with this High Court case. Advocate Gerrie Nel leading the team, along with advocates Phyllis Vorster and Gustav Weich. The attorneys for the NSPCA case are Matthew Klein and Justin Powers. The NSPCA is indebted to Gerrie Nel and Afriforum for taking this important case on. The NSPCA has a bevy of esteemed experts, including Australian Veterinarian Dr Lynn Simpson who has first-hand experience on these ships, Professor Gareth Bath, Dr Shaun Morris, as well as our own veterinarian, Dr Bryce Marock. The papers will be served to the following respondents:

  1. Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development
  2. The Director General, Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development
  3. The Director, Veterinary – Public Health, Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, Eastern Cape
  4. The Provincial Executive Officer, Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, Eastern Cape
  5. The MEC for Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, Eastern Cape
  6. The Chief Veterinary Officer Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development
  7. The Director for Veterinary Public Health and Welfare, Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development
  8. The Harbour Master, National Ports Authority
  9. The Director, National Ports Authority
  10. Al Mawashi Reg K2018520686
  11. Dave Muller T/A The Meat Men
  12. John Page
  13. Bruce Page
  14. Glen Page

It has come to light that other exporters wish to export live cattle by sea to the likes of Cambodia. The voyage is even longer than that of the Kuwait exports, it exceeds 21 days.

“This case is not only important for this shipment of sheep, but for all the animals that are destined for this harrowing journey to various countries around the globe – we simply cannot allow the perpetuation and growth of this cruel and brutal trade” explained Senior Inspector Grace De Lange, manager of the NSPCA’s Farm Animal Protection Unit.

Afriforum’s CEO Kallie Kriel emphasises that the action is not intended to stop the trade in animals, but rather the way it is done, bringing about cruelty to the animals involved.

In November 2019, the NSPCA laid criminal charges in terms of the Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962 against the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD), as well as Eastern Cape Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, Al Mawashi – the owners of the Al Shuwaikh vessel, who have a company in South Africa, the captain of the Al Shuwaikh, the Page Farming Trust, and individuals from the Page Farming Trust following the harrowing days spent at the East London harbour by Inspectors of the NSPCA in October 2019, when approximately 57 000 sheep were loaded for shipment to the Middle East. The matter is with the South African Police Services (SAPS) and the investigation is still ongoing.

Conditions on board the Al Shuwaikh in October 2019, included dangerously high ammonia levels on some of the enclosed decks, widespread diarrhoea, with much of it falling into the feed and water troughs, sheep in respiratory distress, together with other serious welfare concerns. On the dock and feedlot, animals were treated in an inhumane manner, and attempts were made to load sick, injured and lame animals onto the vessel. These sentient beings meant nothing to the handlers and exporters.

The costs incurred thus far have been exorbitant and the matter is far from over. The motion will be heard in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, so travelling costs, as well as legal costs are placing huge pressure on the NSPCA’s resources. We appeal to caring citizens to assist the NSPCA with this landmark case. Let us stand together against this abhorrent suffering.

Account Name: SPCA National Council of SA
Bank: Standard Bank
Account No.: 220 639 744
Branch Code: 051 001
Reference: Sheep

The NSPCA Team

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Source: NSPCA

GO #Nightwalkies This Saturday with your Doggy for a Fantastic Cause!


Do you want to make memories with your loved ones, get fit with your doggy and raise money for charity? Then Night Walkies is the perfect event for you!

On 29 February grab your leash, your pups (your whole pack), for this one of a kind event. For the first time ever, Roosevelt High will play host to #NightWalkies in aid of the Animal Anti-Cruelty League. Take a leap for charity with your pup this Leap Year Day – here are a few reasons to attend this special charity event:

#1 – You’ll be giving back to pooches in need by simply taking a walk. Night Walkies offers you an opportunity to raise money for shelter pets by simply taking a stroll. Doggy tickets are only R50 per pup and humans are free! All profits will go to the Animal Anti-Cruelty League, which relies solely on donations from the public to carry out their important work helping animals in need and distress.

#2 – This doggy event is perfect for the whole family. Participants of all ages are welcome.

#3 – Walks are a great way to bond with your pet while giving them the exercise they need.

Walking with your pet regularly, helps to strengthen the bond you share with them while allowing you to experience new environments.  Dogs that are walked in new places, meet new people and experience new things, tend to be more socialized.

#4 – A daily walk lets you and your pet get the social interaction you both need.

Dogs and people are social beings that need to get out regularly. Some dogs can benefit from spending time with other dogs, and an occasional trip to a designated dog park can be a great way to socialize. Pets are also a good icebreaker when meeting new people.

#5 – Walking reduces stress and relieves anxiety in both people and pets.

Walking your pet has been shown to reduce blood pressure and boost your immune system. In addition, petting a dog and showing them affection can calm a person’s nerves and alleviate stress. Pets also benefit mentally and physiologically from some exercise and time spent outside.

This Jozi night walk promises to be an unforgettable get-together for doggie owners, and their pets. Enjoy fun activities, delicious food, pamper stations and Shortstraw live on stage. There will be water stations along the route, keeping your pooches hydrated and refreshed. There will also be health stations where pets can be checked to make sure they’re in tip-top shape.


Get your dog’s ticket today on Howler and spoil your furry friend! Tickets with LED Collars are now SOLD OUT but you can still treat your pooch to a General Doggy Ticket!

Tickets: R50 per dog, humans are free.
Ticket Link:
Date: 29 February 2020
Time: 4pm to 8pm on 29 February 2020
Venue: Roosevelt High School

*All profits will go to the Animal Anti-Cruelty League, so you can do your bit for animals in need, while having fun with your own pet.

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In partnership with Pet Insurance in support of the Animal Anti-Cruelty League

Issued by Leehouse PR on behalf of Night Walkies

Shortstraw to lead the pack at dotsurecoza night walkies for a fantastic cause




On 29 Feb, the Jo’burg streets will be lit up by a procession of happy, tail wagging pups, at a one of a kind event. Starting at Roosevelt High, Night Walkies (about 3km) will raise funds for the Animal Anti-Cruelty League, which relies on the generosity of the public for financial support.

This promises to be an unforgettable night out for the whole family and their pets. Indie rockers, Shortstraw, will provide the sounds and there will be loads of other fun activities for pups and humans alike, all in an effort to raise money for this much needed cause.

Shortstraw is one of SA’s most treasured indie acts, with a fiercely loyal following. The multi-award winning band has even released a special track ‘Bowsie’ for animal charity, making them the perfect fit for the debut of Night Walkies. Shortstraw has toured with phenomenal acts including The Kooks (UK), The Jungle Giants (AUS) and Bombay Bicycle Club (UK) and you can catch them live on 29 Feb for only R50 per dog! 

It’s always great to see companies throwing these kinds of events where everyone wins. People learn about their insurance policies for animals, they have a good time, and the animals that need help the most get the profits, so we’re stoked to come and play a few songs!‘ – Russell Grant, Shortstraw.

Get your Night Walkies tickets in the bag, and make a shelter dog’s day when you make your dog’s night! Tickets are only R50 per dog and come with a free Doggy Bag with light-up LED collar*. This Jozi night walk promises to be an unforgettable get-together for doggie owners, and their pets. Enjoy fun activities, delicious food stands, pamper stations and Shortstraw live on stage. There will be water stations along the route, keeping your pooches hydrated and refreshed.

Upping the fun levels, ‘pawrents’ and their pooches can take part in the dog friendly activities or take some cute selfies at the Photo Booth. There will also be health stations for owners to get their pets checked to make sure they’re in tip-top shape.

Dotsure - Night Walkies

Get your dog’s ticket today on Howler! Your dog would if they could…

Tickets: R50 per dog*
Ticket Link:
Date: 29 February 2020
Time: 4pm to 8pm on 29 February 2020
Venue: Roosevelt High School

*Tickets for entry are R50 per dog and the first 3000 tickets will include a doggy hamper, which consists of an LED collar, poop bag, carry bag & an information booklet. All profits will go to the Animal Anti-Cruelty League, so you can do something good for shelter animals in need while having fun with your own pet.

The Animal Anti-Cruelty League Johannesburg relies entirely on the generosity of the animal-loving public for their support. We are extremely excited to be the beneficiary of this fantastic night out organized by Dotsure Pet Insurance. Join us as we all help make a shelter dog’s day!‘ – Carren Nickloes, AACL Marketing Manager.

Upgrade to the ‘Do-Good’ Bag for R250 and get more ’shizz’ for your Shih Tzu. In addition to the items in your hamper, the Do-Good Bag will include a doggy blanket, dog treats, a dog toy or utensil, and vouchers in a recycled bag

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Dotsure - Night Walkies

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In partnership with Pet Insurance in support of the Animal Anti-Cruelty League
Issued by Leehouse PR on behalf of Night Walkies

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Trump’s Trophy Hunting Council Disbanded After Legal Defeat

Trump's Trophy Hunting

Rhino, springboks, zebra, elephant and lion in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. ugurhan / E+ / Getty Images

The Department of the Interior (DOI) has disbanded a controversial council that promoted big game hunting after a judge ruled that environmental groups could challenge the legitimacy of the council in court, as The Associated Press reported.

The DOI told a federal judge on Friday that the International Wildlife Conservation Council (IWCC) had ended its charter in October and would not be renewed. The IWCC was created to boost trophy hunting and to relax federal regulations around importing heads and hides of exotic animals like African elephantsrhinoslions, and other threatened wildlife, according to The Associated Press.

“The Council will not meet or conduct any business again, it can no longer be renewed, and there [is] no plan to establish another committee with a similar mission or scope in the future,” the DOI explained in a court filing Friday, according to NPR.

The lawyers for the DOI argued that since the council had been disbanded, the judge should dismiss a lawsuit from environmental groups looking into the “formation, composition, ethics provision, or meetings” by the IWCC, as NPR reported.

“The IWCC’s disbandment is a huge victory in the fight against the Trump administration‘s illegal advisory bodies,” said Democracy Forward senior counsel Travis Annatoyn, in a statement. “But the fight isn’t over.”

Democracy Forward is representing the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International in a lawsuit challenging the legality of the IWCC under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). The disbandment announcement came on the heels of a slew of FACA lawsuits against the administration.

Former Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, who had to resign under a corruption scandal, put the 16-member advisory board together. It was formed as a response to an Obama-era ban on elephant and lion trophy imports from Africa. In 2018, The Associated Press revealed that the board members were big-game hunters, many with direct ties to President Trump and his family, according to The Associated Press.

Animal rights groups and environmental activists cheered that the committee would not continue its work.

“I have little doubt our litigation spurred the administration’s decision to abandon the IWCC and walk away from its biased and un-transparent practices,” said Zak Smith, international wildlife conservation director for the Natural Resources Defense Council in a statement. “We’re glad the Trump administration is closing shop on this ridiculously misguided council and we await a full accounting of its tainted work product.”

The taxpayer-funded committee met five times over its two-year span and formed four sub-committees. The government said, “Ultimately, the IWCC did not vote on or make any recommendations or otherwise provide any advice or work product,” NPR reported.

“The end of Trump’s thrill-kill council is a huge victory for elephants, lions and other imperiled animals targeted by trophy hunters,” said Tanya Sanerib, international legal director at the Center for Biological Diversity, in a statement. “It’s still critical to address this biased committee’s past legal violations and prevent self-serving advice from trophy hunters from poisoning federal wildlife policies.”

IWCC members claimed that recreational hunting is necessary because fees paid by big-game hunters help fund conservation programs. They also argued that it boosts local economies and creates hundreds of jobs.

An Interior spokesperson told The Hill in a statement that the department “takes illegal wildlife trafficking seriously and will continue working to grow our partnerships, while continuing to move toward shared conservation stewardship.”

Source: Eco Watch


Don’t Litter signs painted on Gansbaai drains

‘Don’t litter’ signs painted on Gansbaai drains

The Overstrand Municipality is setting an example for the Mother City with their continued efforts in ocean conservation. Fighting back against the plastic plaguing our seas, their latest efforts are something to admire.

After surprising locals with their innovative litter-trapping stormwater nets in Gansbaai earlier this year, the municipality have now partnered with Marine Dynamics and the Dyer Island Conservation Trust to further minimise the waste that reaches our oceans by painting signs on all stormwater drains saying, “Don’t Litter. The Sea Starts Here”.

‘Don’t litter’ signs painted on Gansbaai drains

This is the second phase in Project Storm, which began with the storm drains nets in June and has now advanced to include these friendly yet impactful stencil paintings reminding locals where the ocean starts.

Since the launch of the 12 nets earlier this year, a shocking 113kg of waste has been collected with the most commonly collected waste being cigarette filters at roughly 2 5671 filters found among other common waste items including food packaging and plastic bottles.

One of the 12 nets filled with plastic waste.

One of the 12 nets filled with plastic waste.

Councillor Riana de Coning remarked that it is very important to remind the public just how easily plastic makes its way into the ocean, “Everything that flows down the storm water drain, including discarded waste, ultimately flows into the ocean.”

The stencils were chosen with inspiration from the Cape Whale Coast which Gansbaai is part of and so a whale tale was included in the design.

“We draw inspiration from the great work being done by Knysna Municipality that recently launched the seahorse stencil campaign. The stencils are phase two of Project Storm building on from the storm drain nets that were placed in June 2019,” says Wilfred Chivell of Marine Dynamics Tours and founder of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust.

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust realised the need for drain nets and more awareness from the public and decided to partner with the local municipality and make a change. They monitor the nets and have recorded some surprising statistics since their launch. Roughly 12 118 food wrappers/containers were found, 4 663 microplastics, 3 515 foil pieces and 3 459 plastic pieces to name just a few.

Overall, 299 different food wrappers were counted from 30 different brands all being non-recyclable. 

Gansbaai is setting an example that the Mother City would definitely benefit from following and we cannot wait to see what innovative things they do next.


Also read: First litter-trapping stormwater net launches in Gansbaai

Corona becomes first major beer company to adopt edible 6-pack rings that feed, rather than kill, fish

Corona Beer 6 pack with biodegradable rings

Corona could inspire other big beer and soda companies to replace plastic six-pack rings with biodegradable ones, potentially saving millions of sea creatures

A couple of years ago a craft microbrewery in Florida called Saltwater Brewery started a trend that could save millions of sea creatures if adopted by bigger breweries and soda companies.

The brewery — started by surfers, fishermen and “people who love the sea” — developed edible ring-holders for their beer cans made of barley and wheat remnants from the brewing process.

100% biodegradable rings safe for fish

Since then, craft brewers in Australia, South Africa, Poland, Scotland, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Washington State have jumped on the bandwagon.

And now, Corona could really get the ball rolling, as the first major beer company to test the product.

The rings are  100% biodegradable and safe for fish, turtles, birds and other marine life to eat, unlike the plastic ring-holders that are now killing them by the millions.

sea turtle entrapped in plastic

Each year, “an estimated one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles become entrapped in plastic or ingest it and die,” says marine biologist Mark Tokulka in a promo video by Saltwater Brewery.

“If discarded properly it will make its way to a compost facility … if incorrectly thrown into the wilderness, it will biodegrade.” the CFO of Eco Six Pack Rings tells Forbes.

The rings are currently being piloted in Corona’s homeland in Tulum, Mexico, and will be expanded everywhere Corona is sold if all goes well.

Source: Return to Now

Emotional Eastern Cape cops say goodbye to hero dog – ‘Farewell, brave colleague’

emotional Eastern Cape cops say goodbye to hero dog

‘Farewell, brave colleague’ – emotional Eastern Cape cops say goodbye to hero dog

An Eastern Cape police dog who had apprehended almost 50 suspects and helped recover stolen goods worth more than R1m has lost its battle with cancer. 

Provincial police spokesperson Captain Mali Govender described Bonzo as an inquisitive dog full of vigour and energy. 

“He brought immense joy to those around him. His potential to serve the SAPS was noticed at an early age and thus he was donated to the SAPS from a Port Alfred resident. 

“During the six years that Bonzo worked with his handler, he apprehended 49 fleeing or hiding suspects and due to his actions stolen property to the value of R1 025 900 was recovered.

“Despite being kicked and attacked by his suspects, he always managed a successful arrest. He also apprehended two abalone poachers who were hiding high up in the dunes and recovered abalone to the value of R51 600 and diving gear valued at approximately R40 000.”

Govender said Bonzo was withdrawn from duty due to medical reasons. The process of boarding started in January and on February 4, Bonzo officially retired.

He was 11 years old.

His handler purchased him to retire at home. He had a long history of gastric problems which made him tire easily; however, he was always eager to be on the beat and fight crime. He always gave off his best, Govender said.

Bonzo sitting in police van

Bonzo, who apprehended 49 suspects and helped recover stolen goods worth more than R1m. (SAPS)

On Friday, his family noticed that he was unwell; he had difficulty lying down and standing up. He was not able to ingest anything. He was taken to a vet and was diagnosed with a growth on his pancreas.

The veterinarian suggested the removal of the pancreas to prevent the cancer from spreading. When she operated on Bonzo, she discovered that his body was riddled with cancer and all of his organs were affected. There was nothing she could do for him and he was in severe pain.

She then stitched his wound and woke him up so that his family could spend some time with him and bid him farewell before she euthanised him.

“This was one of the saddest days of my life. Bonzo was not just my partner, he was a hero and a true friend, I will miss him,” said an emotional Warrant Officer Tertius Neethling.

Cluster commander Brigadier Morgan Govender said: “Farewell, brave colleague. You were a warrior and loyal to the SAPS. You will always be remembered for your courage loyalty and dedication. It’s your time to rest. We will miss you!” 

Farwell tweet with pictures of Bonzo

Source: News 24

Montego’s super premium range takes on a fresh new look!

Montengo Karoo

Karoo, Montego Pet Nutrition’s super premium range, now comes in stunning new packaging as part of the pet food giant’s 2019/ 2020 rebrand roll out. The sleek and picturesque new look better reflects the brand, and company as a whole, as it is today – a growing, progressive, innovative, and successful business. 

The Karoo range is a mix of home-cooked, country goodness with all the benefits of scientific formulation and contains nutrient-rich proteins, vitamins, minerals and high levels of antioxidants sure to satisfy the needs of all dog breeds. The range provides excellence in terms of taste and nutrition, from giving them the strongest possible start when they’re pups, to sustained energy and maintained health as adults, and finally providing support for ageing joints and slowing metabolisms in their senior years.

Pet owners can rest assured that Karoo guarantees the same excellent quality that dogs across South Africa have come to know and love.

Karoo is available at selected pet food stores from a RRP of R80.00. Visit for more information.

Source: Montego

Top 7 Ways To Show Your Cats Love this Valentine’s Day

cat valentine's day

Here at Whiskas, we know that our pets are often a much more reliable source for love and affection than their human counterparts. They don’t argue. They rarely let us down and generally, they enjoy a good cuddle. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that time with our furry friends can be good for our health – from lowering blood pressure to combating feelings of depression and loneliness.

This Valentine’s Day, rather than relying on your partner to make the day special, why not focus your attention on your favourite feline to show them how much you care?

Cats are independent and full of personality. That’s why we adore them. But, we do have to work a little harder to get these beautiful and special creatures to love us back. So, how can we best show our feline friends what they mean to us? For the month of love, Whiskas has a few top tips to enjoy some #meaowmoments which are those special times when your cat shows their love for you.

  1. Tasty and healthy treats – When your feline friend is being extra affectionate (often in atypical ways) you might want to reward them with a treat. Try Whiskas Crunchy Trio Treats, a delicious new treat range which includes two flavours – Whiskas Trio Crunch Poultry and Whiskas Trio Crunch Seafood.

    You can also try Whiskas Dentabites in Chicken and Salmon. The tiny grooves on Whiskas® DentaBites gently clean the tooth surface as the cat’s teeth contact the crunchy treats. They’re a compliance-friendly way to provide daily proactive oral care for even the most finicky and uncooperative cats. And what better way to show your love, than to make sure your furry friends are healthy and happy?

  2. Nose-to-tail rubs – Cats don’t do this purely for the pleasure of the petting. It’s also their way of rubbing their scent on you and claiming you as theirs.
  3. Head bops and slow blinks – Even in the wild, cats use head bops to show respect, love and trust. The same can be said of slow blinking. If a cat is willing to slowly close their eyes in front of you, they feel completely comfortable. You too can try these same moves back to them to show them you return their feelings.
  4. Bunting – when your kitty rubs their head on you this is a sure sign they love and trust you. To return the love, you can definitely give your cat a Whiskas Crunchy Trio Treats.

  5. The bed warmer – A cat who loves and trusts you, will be completely comfortable sleeping around you. You might think your cat is just lying on your bed, but they’re actually warming it for you.  Get them purring with a Whiskas Trio Crunchy treat.
  6. The exposed tummy – This only happens when a cat truly loves you; they turn onto their back so you can rub their tummy. Get them purring with a Whiskas Trio Crunchy treat.
  7. Play time – Every pet has a favourite game or toy. Spending time playing games increases the bond you have. Share in play to share the love.

So forget the chocolates and roses this year and rather enjoy some loving #meowmoments with the special felines in your life. They deserve it!

For more information on Whiskas care and treats,

Source: WHISKAS®

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Traveling shelter dog inspires adoption movement

adoption movement

In the past week the WOOF Project, based at the V&A Waterfront, managed to help 18 dogs find new loving homes through their efficient adoption processes.

The WOOF Project is the main initiative of Oscars Arc, a registered charitable trust in Cape Town inspired by one woman’s love for her adopted shelter dog. Since their inception in 2017, the project has managed to increase the province’s overall adoption rate by 42%.


“The initiative was inspired by a dog I adopted many years ago from a shelter in Cape Town. Oscar changed my life and travelled around the world with me. He inspired me to create the trust and help other people realise how amazing shelter dogs really are,” says founder Joanne Lefson.

Team WOOF Project

The team at the WOOF Project.

During his lifetime, Oscar became known as an ambassador for the cause and made a name for himself by visiting 45 countries to promote adoption. Highlights of his adventures include walking the Great Wall of China in 2009, climbing Machu Picchu and sailing through the Amazon.

The WOOF Project has managed to increase adoptions mainly due to their passion for shelter dogs and their innovative and efficient adoption process.

Oscar and Lefson on one of their many adventures

Oscar and Lefson on one of their many adventures.

“We take dogs from existing shelters and help them get adopted through our easy processes. All dogs are ready to go and the steps for adoption are easy and efficient for those looking to adopt,” says Lefson.

An important part of the work that the project and the trust does is also educating people and breaking down the stigma that shelter dogs are depressed or unsuitable as pets. The dogs are taken out of a shelter atmosphere and displayed in inspired locations so they can be exposed to the public more.

“We want to change the perceptions about shelter dogs and make people realise that they are amazing companions,” says Lefson.

dog the project helped find a new home

One of the many dogs the project has helped to find a new home.

You might recognise the WOOF Project from their cute pop-up container often based at the V&A waterfront near the Food Market. They are present at this location between 9am and 5pm daily and now at the Old Biscuit Mill on Saturdays.

Their latest location will be added in February where working professionals in the CBD can more easily visit to see the dogs up for adoption in person. In early February, their Foreshore location will launch and be open daily from Monday to Friday. If you’re not looking to adopt an animal, however, you can also support the initiative in a variety of ways.

“People looking to get involved can visit our website volunteer, donate or even see the dogs up for adoption and apply via our online process,” says Lefson.

The WOOF Team

The WOOF team.

While Oscar is no longer with us, Lefson continues his legacy and strives to remind people everywhere that dogs are so much more than pets. They are companions, travel buddies and man’s best friend to be treasured, loved and cared for even if they come from a shelter.

Find out how you can support the Woof Project and the Oscar Arc Trust here.