South Africa reclassifies

SA reclassifies 33 wild species as farm animals

By the stroke of a legislative pen, a list of iconic and…
Gang violence

Gang violence on the Cape Flats affects pets too

Exposure of domestic animals to the escalating violence and…
Who let the dogs out

‘Who let the dogs out?’

Not even a South African Weather Service alert forecasting…
SPCA reunites dog

SPCA reunites dog with owner after one year

SPCA Tshwane recently reunited a dog that went missing almost…

#PetObesityMonth: A pet slimming programme

While it may not feel like it now, before we know it summer…
Uitsig Animal Rescue

Bid to save Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre animals

The Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre (ARC) is working around the…
SA Guide

SA Guide Dog Association to roll out awareness campaign

Many people still think service dogs are just pets and treat…
Dental Health

Stay on top of your dog's dental health

As a proud dog owner, it’s important to prioritise your dog’s…
Penguin Festival

Annual Penguin Festival in Simon’s Town

Join us at Seaforth Beach at 10am and then follow on to Simon’s…