dog fights

‘Stop the dog fights’

dog fights

Animal rights activists and community leaders are calling on authorities to stop vicious dog fights being arranged by bunking school children in Ocean View.

It’s believed the laaities steal dogs from residents, and in some cases, dogs have been flung into pits where the winner must fight its way out.

If they do not succeed, they are stoned to death, one horrified resident says.

Allan Perrins of the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa in Philippi says he has been notified of the dog fighting and is calling on parents to keep a closer watch on their kids.

“On Sunday, November 17, I was sent a batch of seven photographs of a group of youths and their pitbulls suspiciously gathered in a wooded area in the mountains, allegedly at the back of Ocean View, by an anonymous source who is too scared to reveal their identity for fear of reprisal by the alleged perpetrators.

“I am appealing to residents and parents to please be vigilant and to report suspicious activity to our Inspectorate on 021 692 2626.

“If the child takes the family pet for a walk and comes back empty-handed or arrives home with blood-stained clothes or the dog has typical dog fighting bite wounds and injuries, then ask questions.”

Paul Franke, a community leader in Ocean View, says he has witnessed children as young as eight walking to the bush with their dogs near Payne Street for the dog fights.

“Most of these children are bunking,” he says.

“They take their own dogs to fight against dogs which they have stolen.”

Paul says the children often leave the injured dogs in the bush.

The Western Cape Education Department say they are not aware of the incidents.

Source: Daily Voice


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