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Edenvale SPCA and BAT add their voices to concerns about circus coming to town

Ban Animal Trading

Ban Animal Trading (BAT) added its voice to community members’ objections to McLaren Circus coming to Edenvale. BAT argued that more than 50 countries have banned the use of animals in circus. The group has hosted several protests at show venues.

Edenvale SPCA added its voice of concerns about McLaren Circus coming to Edenvale.

Inspector Jade Nel of Edenvale SPCA said the SPCA is opposed to the use of wild animals in circuses.

“No wild animals should be in captivity and subjected to cruel means of training purely for human entertainment,” said Nel.

She described the wild animals use in circuses as outdated and unnecessary.

“The council is opposed to any degree of confinement, or the use of any animal in sport, entertainment or exhibition likely to cause distress or suffering, or which may adversely affect the animal’s welfare. Furthermore, the council is opposed to exhibitions or presentations of wild animals in circuses and travelling menageries.”

Nel said circuses should follow the examples of Cirque Du Soleil and the Moscow Circus which have acts that exclude animals.

“Fifty countries worldwide have already banned the use of animals in circuses,” said Nel.

Nel said according to the SPCA’s feedback, and the initial reaction from the residents, he believes the circus coming to Edenvale will be received negatively.

The SPCA said it was aware of an online petition started by the concerned residents.

“We have been inundated with calls and messages from the residents expressing their concerns and objections.”

During the duration of the circus, Nel and field officers will conduct random inspections.

Nel said they will ensure that the animal’s welfare, and general environment, are in accordance with the Animals Protection Act.

“The SPCA will ensure that the circus’ licences and certificates are in order and comply with the Performing Animals Protection Act.”

Nel said Edenvale SPCA was not aware of any cases of animal cruelty against the circus.

“With that said, a resident of another town had reported a case of a sick animal in the circus’ care, which was published by the media in mid-October,” said Nel.

As far as Nel is aware, the animal was removed from performing.

Smaragda Louw, the director at Ban Animal Trading (BAT), said the organisation always hears that McLaren Circus treats its animals well and looks after them.

“This is a given, and we would expect no less from them, especially because the animals are used to fill their pockets.

“However, more than 50 countries have banned the use of animals in circuses,” said Louw.

She said this was not because the owners abused the animals.

“It was done because, in this day and age, they recognise that using sentient beings to entertain humans with tricks is morally and ethically unacceptable,” Louw said.

Source: Bedfordview and Edenvale News



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