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Fish or feline? How to choose the right-sized pet for your home

The dachshund is becoming more popular – partly because they are a good fit for our increasingly cramped dwellings. But how much space do animal companions actually need? They were once bred for flushing out badgers, now the sausage dog is becoming popular because it’s an ideal fit for small flats. According to the Kennel Club, there were 9,000 new registrations last year, up 40% from 2015 (raising concerns about the spinal problems the breed can suffer from, and unscrupulous breeders). It has partly been driven by fashion – dachshunds have been regularly used in advertising, and popularised by celebrity […]

Is technology driving your pet insane?

Few of us would put up with a TV that emits an annoying whine or a light bulb that flickers, but for our pets, that may the world around them.  Their senses are tuned differently than our own and may detect a cacophony of noise and strobe effects that we don’t, particularly as we fill our homes with technology. You can fix a beeping smoke detector quickly by changing the battery, but it might also be emitting a constant high-pitched noise that only your dog can perceive. Have we built them an unintended hell?  Dr. Sheila Carrera-Justiz, assistant professor of […]

Cat Breed of the Month – Abyssinian

There is much speculation about the origin of the Abyssinian, one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats. The name refers to the North-African country Ethiopia, formerly known as Abyssinia, where it was initially believed these cats were from. However, studies later revealed that their place of origin was more likely somewhere near Egypt as Abyssinians bear a striking resemblance to the sacred cats portrayed by ancient Egyptians in their temple murals, artworks and sculptures. A body of modern genetic research conversely appears to be the most convincing theory linking them to a breed that originated from India and Southeast […]

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

When your pooch acts out by wreaking havoc in your home, they are not doing it out of spite or disobedience. Your dog may be responding to pent up anxiety and is trying to cope with their extreme levels of stress, so punishing or scolding them will only exasperate the issue. Read on to find out how you can reduce their separation anxiety when left alone at home. Comfort Crate Crate training can be a fantastic way to pacify your pup’s insecurities as they begin to see the crate as their safe place when left alone. Place some soft blankets […]

SPCA provides valuable advice on what to do when your pet goes missing

There is a couple of things one should do first when you realise your dog is no longer at home. Domestic pets can get lost quite easily when someone leaves the gate open or they slip out unseen when you are taking the car out of the property. The Boksburg SPCA has shared some few points you should consider when you realise your dog is longer at home. Phone the local SPCA or animal welfare organisation Give all the details (breed, age, sex, sterilised or not, micro chipped or not, wearing a collar and disc or not, area where dog […]

Want to bond with your pet? Try ‘dog-speak’

Adopting a baby-like tone when talking to a dog can help owners bond with their pets, scientists have found. Most owners can be found changing their voice when talking to their pets, often mirroring the same exaggerated high-pitched sounds that parents use with their children. Now scientists at the University of York have found that so-called ‘dog speak’ is important for helping owners bond with their animals. Dr Katie Slocombe from the University of York’s Department of Psychology said: “This high-pitched rhythmic speech is common in human interactions with dogs in western cultures, but there isn’t a great deal known about whether […]

Prehistoric Puppy May Be Earliest Evidence of Pet-Human Bonding

A new analysis of 14,000-year-old canine reveals the earliest evidence for an emotional attachment with man’s best friend. A re-examination of a 14,000-year-old puppy burial reveals the dog was cared for through multiple bouts of illness. Dogs may have been man’s best friend — and treated as such— since the earliest days of domestication. According to a study published recently in the Journal of Archaeological Science, prehistoric people likely cared for a sick puppy for weeks before it died, suggesting an emotional attachment to the animal. Member of the Pack In 1914, workers uncovered a grave at Oberkassel, today a suburb […]

Car owners in survey worry about pet safety but could do more about it

Volvo says it’s a consideration that’s mostly gone to the dogs It’s always fun to see a dog hanging its head out a passenger window of a passing car, its tongue trailing in the wind. But many people probably don’t think about the safety implications of that unrestrained pet and what would happen if that car were to crash at high speed. That’s also the topic behind a new survey of American car and pet owners from Volvo. The survey, which comes on #NationalPuppyDay (who knew?), finds that nearly a quarter of all pet owners worry enough about their dog’s safety to leave […]

Pet care comes of age in the country with state-of-the-art vet hospitals

Renuka Bali, a software engineer, is nervously waiting outside the operation theatre of CGS Hospital in Gurgaon. Her five-year-old, Lucy, is having an emergency surgery. Bali’s husband, Alok, too, is getting jittery. After an hour, the surgery is over. A sedated Lucy is shifted to a post-operative care ward. “Doctors recommended laparoscopy as the best option for Lucy,” says Bali. Lucy is her pet dog, a St Bernard. “It’s amazing how medical facilities for pets have leapfrogged in India,” she says about the state-of-the-art veterinary hospital.  Laparoscopy is not the only advanced surgical method on offer for pets. From oesophagogastroscopy […]

‘Be aware of who charms your pet’ – Edenvale SPCA

Staff at the Edenvale SPCA pose for a photograph. Seen here are kennel manager Udo Salchow, Inspector Jade Nel and manager Marita Acar. The dogs on their laps are Oupa, Stella, Lucky and Small. All of the dogs except Lucky are available for adoption. Edenvale SPCA recently urged residents to be alert to people stopping in front of properties and taking photographs of “power breed” dogs. In a post made on Facebook, Edenvale SPCA said people had been taking photographs of Pitbulls in the Avenues. The individuals parked their car on the road and took photographs of the property. Inspector […]