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How policing on horseback continues to be one of the most effective crime fighting tools

  Why do we need mounted police in 2020? Modern police have been quick to embrace technology, with body cameras recording arrests, computers able to pull up your details in seconds and drones equipped with lights and sirens flying around to monitor social distancing. But an ancient method of policing has retained its place despite the march of technology. The centuries-old police horse has re-emerged as an extremely effective crime-fighting tool, beyond just keeping the drunk and disorderly at bay. That is to say, they’re not just one-trick ponies. “If you’ve got one horse, it’s like having 10 coppers on […]

Emaciated captive bred lions found again at Slippers facilities

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) are in the process of laying animal cruelty charges in terms of the Animal Protection Act (APA), 71 of 1962, against Mr Walter Slippers, owner of two captive predator breeding facilities in Alldays, Limpopo. During inspections in April and May 2020, the NSPCA found deplorable conditions with underweight lions, lack of adequate shelter, lack of veterinary treatment, as well as unhygienic and small enclosures. Slippers has 72 lions on his farm that is in liquidation and he allegedly feeds them one giraffe every two to three weeks. On 12 May 2020, the NSPCA was […]

Lockdown: Caracal spotted strolling the streets of Simon’s Town

Locals were given a once-in-a-lifetime experience after spotting the elusive caracal as it walked through the Murdock Valley. A caracal was spotted casually strolling the main road in Murdock Valley, Simon’s Town earlier on Tuesday 12 May.    Yolandé Oelsen, a Facebook member of the Simon’s Town Community page shared the incredible images of the rare sighting.  “‘As die kat weg is, is die muis baas.’ No wait… That’s not right. If the humans are in lockdown, the cat is boss. I finally saw this beautiful resident this morning. He came walking calmly down the road, into the undergrowth and appeared […]

Level 4 lockdown: Can you adopt an animal yet?

Potential adopters are being turned away from animal organisations who are unsure whether they can adopt animals or not. There is much confusion among animal welfare groups as to whether adoption is permitted under Level 4 restrictions. The Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa has affected us all. Now imagine knowing there are people out there wanting to give you a second chance but you can’t go to your new forever home? This is the life of thousands of animals in shelters across the nation. Frustration grows as eager community members are dumbfounded as to why animal adoptions are not allowed. […]

Covid-19: Support local animal shelters during the lockdown

FOURWAYS – Although it’s the humans in lockdown, dogs and cats are also in need during this difficult time. Here is how three Fourways-based shelters are dealing with the lockdown and how you can help. As nearly 60 million South Africans bunker down as much as possible during a national lockdown in order to fight the spread of Covid-19, thousands of animals in shelters and rescues are also being affected. The Fourways Review reached out to three locally-based animal shelters to find out what measures they have put in place for the lockdown, how things are going and how the public can […]

Pet welfare during Covid-19

JOBURG – The South African Veterinary Association shares tips on on pet health during the lockdown. Veterinarians, being the custodians of animal health and welfare in South Africa, have been designated as essential service providers. The South African Veterinary Association has provided guidelines for veterinarians, assisting them in determining which services have been deemed necessary. If animal owners are concerned about the health of their animals, it is important to first call the veterinary clinic to discuss the concern and if deemed necessary by the consulting veterinarian to take the animal to the clinic, maintaining social distancing at all times. […]

Baby leatherback sea turtles thriving due to COVID-19 beach restrictions

Baby leatherback sea turtles are doing better than they have in years, now that many humans are opting (or being ordered) to stay off beaches due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  On one beach in Thailand, for instance, environmentalists have found 11 leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) nests since November, the largest number of nests found there in the past two decades, according to The Guardian.  Likewise, on Florida’s 9.5-mile-long (15 kilometers) Juno Beach, marine life researchers found 76 leatherback sea turtle nests, a significant increase compared with the number of nests at this time last year, The Guardian reported. Beach closures and shelter-in-place […]

Shenzhen becomes first Chinese city to ban eating cats and dogs

Shenzhen has become the first Chinese city to ban the sale and consumption of dog and cat meat. It comes after the coronavirus outbreak was linked to wildlife meat, prompting Chinese authorities to ban the trade and consumption of wild animals. Shenzhen went a step further, extending the ban to dogs and cats. The new law will come into force on 1 May. Thirty million dogs a year are killed across Asia for meat, says Humane Society International (HSI). However, the practice of eating dog meat in China is not that common – the majority of Chinese people have never […]

Declawing Cats – Not Exactly a Manicure

This week I wanted to share information about declawing our feline friends. Too many folks think this procedure – called an onychectomy – is simply the removal of a cat’s claws. It’s so much more than that! So, I felt motivated to compose a post to educate cat lovers about what declawing actually entails for cats. I hope you find the information educational and will share it with other ailurophiles you know. Happy reading! What is declawing? To understand declawing, you need to have a basic understanding of the anatomy of a cat’s paw. Each toe has three bones or […]

China pushes draft law to reclassify dogs as pets, not livestock

The move follows a total ban on the consumption and trade of dogs and cats in Shenzhen at the beginning of April. The Humane Society has dubbed the measure a “potential game changer.” Animal rights groups are praising China following the introduction of a draft law to reclassify dogs as pets, rather than livestock.  “As far as dogs are concerned, along with the progress of human civilization and the public concern and love for animal protection, dogs have been ‘specialized’ to become companion animals, and internationally are not considered to be livestock, and they will not be regulated as livestock […]