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How South Africa illegally sells thousands of animals per year to China revealed

How South Africa illegally sells thousands of animals per year to China revealed The animals, such as monkeys, cheetahs, rhinos and meerkats, are poached from their wild habitats under legal export claims, the investigation found. The researchers added that the animals are then used in circuses, theme parks, laboratories and zoos. The report says at least 5,035 live wild animals were exported to China from 2016 to last year in “an extremely conservative” estimation. This figure includes chimpanzees and “a bewildering number” of giraffes, which “are also eaten in China”. Some traders have connections to international organised crime associations and the […]

Surfers and kayakers’ close encounter with Great White Shark

Drone footage of a Great White Shark swimming close to surfers in Plettenberg Bay has sounded the alarm once again for bathers and beach-goers to take extra precaution in the water. On Sunday, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) issued a warning of Great White Shark activity along the southern Cape coastline. On Tuesday [June 23], footage of a great white swimming up to a group of six surfers and kayakers in the water created a buzz on social media. After a few tense seconds, they paddled away from the shark and luckily for them, the predator swam away rather than towards […]

Pet abandonment skyrockets amid lockdown Level 3

The Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha has recorded a sharp increase in dog abandonments since the implementation of lockdown level 3. The clinic say this is an unusual increase. “During lockdown we barely had any pet handovers. We found this quite strange. Due to the economic state and people losing their jobs, we were expecting increased handovers during this time. We believed the decrease in handovers was due to people being at home more and having time to bond with their pets,” says Marcelle du Plessis, Fundraising and Communications Manager. “However, as soon as lockdown level 3 came into effect, the […]

Over 350 elephants have mysteriously died

What is killing the elephants? Is it a novel pathogen or a poison? More than 350 elephants have mysteriously died in northern Botswana over the past two months, which scientists describe as a “conservation disaster.” Botswanans view the loss as a blow to the national tourism economy and in many places, a loss to the community. “It’s the biggest thing that’s happened to elephants in a very, very long time,” Dr Niall McCann, co-founder of UK-based charity National Park Rescue, told ABC News. “Outside of droughts in the 1970s I don’t know of a die-off that has been this significant.” The government […]

Keeping your pet’s hair-raising issue under control

The love that a pet brings into your home cannot be quantified; the cuddles, the laughs, the playtime, the companionship, and yes his fur around the house too. “For pet parents the unconditional love and bond between them and their pet is worth every white hair on their black pants or furniture. In fact, no outfit or home is really complete without it!” says Carla Bath Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s marketing manager. When it comes to dogs, different breeds shed differently – more or less, shedding during seasonal changes, stress, hormonal changes etc. Despite your best efforts, some dogs will shed, […]

The Horse’s Leg

A HORSE (Equus caballus) can gallop at a speed of up to 30 miles per hour (50 km/h). Although this involves considerable mechanical work, relatively little energy is spent. How is this possible? The secret is in the horse’s legs. Consider what occurs when a horse gallops. Elastic muscle-tendon units absorb energy when the leg steps onto the ground, and much like a spring, they return it, propelling the horse forward. Furthermore, at a gallop the horse’s legs vibrate at high frequencies that could injure its tendons. However, the muscles in the legs act as dampers. Researchers call this structure a “highly […]

The Dog’s Sense of Smell

Researchers say that dogs can use their sense of smell to detect the age, gender, and mood of other dogs. Dogs can even be trained to detect explosives and illegal drugs. While humans mainly use sight to investigate their surroundings, dogs use their sense of smell. They “read” with their nose. Consider: A dog’s sense of smell is thousands of times more refined than ours. According to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, a dog “can detect certain compounds at parts per trillion. This feat is the equivalent of tasting about a quarter teaspoon of sugar dissolved in an Olympic-sized […]

Cape SPCA launches more animal-themed face masks

Following an unprecedented response to their first line of animal-themed face masks, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA has launched a new line with even more styles. The new selection of masks includes styles for yorkie-lovers, golden retriever fans, rottweiler owners and even a ginger cat option. The masks are not only a necessity when leaving the house, they are also a great way to support a worthy cause while ensuring your safety and the safety of those around you during the lockdown and beyond. Every cent spent on the masks goes towards animals in need, and helps the Cape of […]

IKEA Makes Downloadable Plans So You Can Build A Stylish DIY Beehive

Did you realize that May 20 was World Bee Day? It seems as if IKEA got together with Space 10 and they joined forces with Tanita Klein, an industrial designer, and a design company, Bakken & Bæck. The results? They wanted to help people to design their own bee homes. In doing so, they were providing a place for these solitary bees to hang out and to help the flowering plants of the world to keep growing. “Solitary bees are great pollinators: a single solitary bee could provide as much pollination as 120 honeybees,” the Bee Home project page reads. […]

SA’s live wild animal trade with China is “corrupt and riddled with irregularities”

Over three years, South Africa issued permits to export 321 giraffe to Jinan Wildlife World but when wildlife investigators visited the zoo in China, they could find only 16 giraffe. “With no legal protection in China, it is impossible to trace the whereabouts of the 305 giraffe no longer at Jinan Wildlife World; or the nine giraffe legally exported to a tiger bone wine factory in Guigang; the 21 giraffe exported to Golden Land Animal Trade – a broker company implicated in the trafficking of wild-caught chimpanzees – and 132 giraffe exported to various unnamed zoos,” says a new report, […]