cat valentine's day

Top 7 Ways To Show Your Cats Love this Valentine’s Day

cat valentine's day

Here at Whiskas, we know that our pets are often a much more reliable source for love and affection than their human counterparts. They don’t argue. They rarely let us down and generally, they enjoy a good cuddle. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that time with our furry friends can be good for our health – from lowering blood pressure to combating feelings of depression and loneliness.

This Valentine’s Day, rather than relying on your partner to make the day special, why not focus your attention on your favourite feline to show them how much you care?

Cats are independent and full of personality. That’s why we adore them. But, we do have to work a little harder to get these beautiful and special creatures to love us back. So, how can we best show our feline friends what they mean to us? For the month of love, Whiskas has a few top tips to enjoy some #meaowmoments which are those special times when your cat shows their love for you.

  1. Tasty and healthy treats – When your feline friend is being extra affectionate (often in atypical ways) you might want to reward them with a treat. Try Whiskas Crunchy Trio Treats, a delicious new treat range which includes two flavours – Whiskas Trio Crunch Poultry and Whiskas Trio Crunch Seafood.

    You can also try Whiskas Dentabites in Chicken and Salmon. The tiny grooves on Whiskas® DentaBites gently clean the tooth surface as the cat’s teeth contact the crunchy treats. They’re a compliance-friendly way to provide daily proactive oral care for even the most finicky and uncooperative cats. And what better way to show your love, than to make sure your furry friends are healthy and happy?

  2. Nose-to-tail rubs – Cats don’t do this purely for the pleasure of the petting. It’s also their way of rubbing their scent on you and claiming you as theirs.
  3. Head bops and slow blinks – Even in the wild, cats use head bops to show respect, love and trust. The same can be said of slow blinking. If a cat is willing to slowly close their eyes in front of you, they feel completely comfortable. You too can try these same moves back to them to show them you return their feelings.
  4. Bunting – when your kitty rubs their head on you this is a sure sign they love and trust you. To return the love, you can definitely give your cat a Whiskas Crunchy Trio Treats.

  5. The bed warmer – A cat who loves and trusts you, will be completely comfortable sleeping around you. You might think your cat is just lying on your bed, but they’re actually warming it for you.  Get them purring with a Whiskas Trio Crunchy treat.
  6. The exposed tummy – This only happens when a cat truly loves you; they turn onto their back so you can rub their tummy. Get them purring with a Whiskas Trio Crunchy treat.
  7. Play time – Every pet has a favourite game or toy. Spending time playing games increases the bond you have. Share in play to share the love.

So forget the chocolates and roses this year and rather enjoy some loving #meowmoments with the special felines in your life. They deserve it!

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