Hotel Foster Dog
rescue animals - Captain Hook
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These Rescue Animals Are Perfectly Imperfect (10 Pics)

Mandy Freeman and Aelita Senvaitytė   Chuck came…
Masticatory Myositis - red cavalier king charles spaniel
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Masticatory Myositis in Dogs – When Chewing Hurts!

I’m a foodie. Heaven knows I love some scrumptious delights…
Rhinoscopy - Boston Terrier
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Rhinoscopy in Dogs & Cats – Looking Inside the Nasal Cavity

Just like you and me, dogs and cats frequently develop nasal…
emotionally intelligent - Kids who grow up with dogs and cats
Lilies and Cats
Acute Hemorrhagic Diarrhea - Picture of a Yorkshire Terrier
Pawsome Tails: Golden Retriever lying on carpet
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Pawsome Tails: Things to consider before acquiring a new pet

How well do you think things through before acquiring a pet? Let’s…
Corona Beer 6 pack with biodegradable rings

Corona becomes first major beer company to adopt edible 6-pack rings that feed, rather than kill, fish

Corona could inspire other big beer and soda companies to replace…